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SPC Collagen Age Defying Facial at Baglioni Spa

The Blurb:

The Collagen Age Defying Facial is Baglioni Spa’s signature treatment. Describing itself as ‘results driven’, it claims to firm, rejuvenate and plump the skin.

The Process:

I was led along a long dark corridor to the most ornate treatment room I’d ever seen. Lit exclusively by candlelight, huge mirrors, high ceilings and pop art impart an immediate sense of calm.

Described as ‘holistic’, the facial involved breathing exercises, aromatherapy oils, lymphatic drainage, deep cleansing, dermabrasion, and a mild acid peel.

After changing into the fluffy white robe and slippers, quaffing my lemon-water and being tucked into bed, I was instructed to inhale and exhale deeply. My therapist, Cat, began by placing a scented mask over my eyes and massaging my feet with hot flannels.

My neck was massaged and my face cleansed with nourishing oils. After this, I was so relaxed that the rest of the treatment became a bit of a blur, but I do recall more lengthy face massage, scalp massage, lymphatic-drainage chest and arm massage and being slathered in myriad divine scented oils.

At some point, a dermabrasion scrub was worked into my forehead, nose and chin, and a gentler peeling cream applied to my cheeks. The treatment was concluded with yet more hot flannels pressed onto the face, chest and feet.

After my treatment, I was encouraged to flop into a deep velvet armchair and pass a relaxing half-hour flipping through Vogue. I was brought herbal tea, fruit, nuts, magazines and more lemon-water before retiring to my changing room. The huge rainforest shower felt more like a wet-room, and the wooden decking gave it a Swedish sauna vibe. My only grievance was the lack of hair conditioner (they had that 2-in-1 nonsense), and the provision of just one towel.

The Result:

One of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had. Unobtrusive, yet abstract choral music was just audible, making a welcome change to the usual whale-song/wind chimes pumped out on repeat. You know the type; the last CD at the bottom of a Morrison’s bargain bin.

Immediately after the facial I did notice a broken capillary on my nose, which is a problem given I informed Cat I was prone to rosacea. But other than that, my skin felt soft and comfortable.

I left feeling as light as air, and stepping out onto the most picturesque corner of Hyde Park is hard to beat.

SPC Collagen Age Defying Facial; 55 mins £85, 85 mins £115.

Baglioni Spa by SPC, Baglioni Hotel, 60 Hyde Park Gate, London, SW7; www.baglionihotels.com; 020 7368 5923

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