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Liz Pugh make-up artist

One-to-one Make-up Session with Liz Pugh at Premier Beauty Workshop

The Blurb:

Like many London ladies I must confess to being stuck in a make-up rut. As far as ruts go this one may seem a little insignificant, but trust me it’s one of the hardest to get out of…

Fed up with my cakey foundation, uninspiring brown eye shadow and 10-year-old eye liner, my ears pricked up when I heard that world-renowned beauty agency Premier was launching one-to-one make-up workshops with the likes of make-up artists to the stars; Mary Greenwell and Liz Pugh.

With a range of courses on offer from intimate one-day workshops with your chosen artist to extensive 15-day courses for aspiring make-up artists, there is something to suit every need and budget.

The Process:

With a client list that reads like a copy of Hello!, Liz Pugh is one of the UK’s most highly regarded make-up artists. Liz has been responsible for painting the faces of a bevy of beauties from Victoria Beckham and Kiera Knightley to Rachel Weisz and Kate Moss, so greeting her at my modest flat without a scrap of make-up on was a daunting task.

I needn’t have worried; Liz was bubbly and approachable. In fact, having analysed my face, she kicked off the session by telling me how great my skin is. Move over Kate! Following my skin analysis and a run through of my make-up goals, Liz set to work on my face with no less than a suitcase full products and a bag full of brushes. The great thing about these sessions are that they are totally bespoke to each individual clients goals, from planning the perfect wedding make-up to perfecting the red carpet look for a special occasion. For me this simply meant finding a comfortable and achievable day-to-day look and picking up a few tips along the way.

One of the best parts of having your own personal make-up artist is that s/he is totally brand neutral and will give you honest opinions on which products in the market are really worth investing in for your skin type, face shape and colouring – unlike many of the commission-led in-store sales representatives. For example Liz informed me that I did not need to wear foundation day to day; I should invest in a good concealer and bronzer instead; peachy lipsticks would compliment my skin tone and my eye colours suited pinky gold shades.

The other eye opener for me was how to apply the products correctly; I had always been really anti powder foundations, until Liz showed me how to literally polish the powder in to my skin giving a glowy, dewy look as opposed to the fury look that I associated with such products.

This was a totally unique experience that gave me intimate one-to-one access to one of the UK’s top make-up artists. She gave me her undivided attention and moulded the entire day around my wants and needs.

The Result:

Liz left me with an enhanced yet natural daytime look which guaranteed me second glances all day long. More importantly she left me with the skills to recreate this look on my own, not to mention a long list of must-try beauty products and tips. Despite being pricey, this is an investment experience,
allowing you to make more educated purchases and achieve professional results at home.

One-to-one Workshop with Liz Pugh £1,200. Prices start from £265 for group lessons and range up to £3,800 for a 15-day Trade Workshop for aspiring make-up artists. Skin, hair and nail courses also available.

www.premierbeautyworkshop.com; enquiries@premierbeautyworkshop.com; 020 7221 2333

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