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Shatush and trim at GA Salons South Kensington

They Say

GA Salon’s philosophy is based on a deeper understanding of natural, curative products. 
When using chemicals over a long period of time, hair weakens and you become a slave to the maintenance that follows. It is GA’s belief that using their methods can create beautiful, luxurious hair that grows healthier over time. GA’s 20 signature blends are made using nothing but 100% natural and organic herbs, roots and flowers. The blends are then crafted and mixed around the individual for a truly bespoke service.

The Process

Antonio began by removing my grown-out tape extensions, washing the hair thoroughly and mixing up a colour. I’m used to highlights, but, this being at Italian salon, they favour a technique called shatush. Shatush is similar to balayage, in that the colourist paints colour on freehand, but, unlike balayage, shatush often focuses on the root as well as the lengths.

Antonio blended a lighter blonde tone with hair-saving Olaplex and got to work with his paintbrush. He humoured my request and used a super-mild peroxide, which can make development time longer, but I find less damage is incurred this way. He then rinsed the colour out, applied a toner, and left me to cook for 15 minutes. He then applied the final stage of Olaplex and left me to cook for a further 30 mins, when it was time for a trim.

Gianmarco skimmed the split ends off, leaving as much length as possible and proceeded to blow-dry my hair into pretty waves. I was running late for an evening event so, very obligingly, Antonio blow-dried one side, whilst Gianmarco handled the other. Incredibly, I was out of the door with time to spare!

The Result

GA Salon Kensington has a team of highly skilled hairdressers, in a great, naturally lit space, and all perfectly located mere seconds from South Ken tube. The colour was great – kudos to Antonio, and the trim and blow-dry with Gianmarco and Antonio just as good.

The Details

GA Salon South Kensington; 27 Thurloe St, SW7 2LQ


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