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Russian Mini Tape Hair Extensions at The Extensionist

The Blurb

‘THE EXTENSIONIST have designed their own signature bespoke tapes for hair extensions.

“We care about the quality of tapes being used in the application method. Tape applications have been a method booming for several years in the UK.”

When designing THE EXTENSIONIST bespoke signature tapes, the priority was the quality and the size of the tapes. The standard size of the tapes available on the market often are too big and too heavy for clients with fine hair. THE EXTENSIONIST created the perfect tape size suitable for both fine and thick hair, guaranteeing high-quality hair to all our clients.

The Extensionist provides a range of luxury, custom-tailored hair extensions, using only the very finest, hand-picked Russian natural human virgin hair and European natural hair, available in 30+ colours and from 14” to 30” inches. They also offer one of the broadest selection of application methods in London including our most popular ones which are Micro rings hair extensions and tape hair extensions.’

The Process

I arrived at the pretty Extensionist salon and met the lovely Olia who started The Extensionist salon in Battersea in 2014, but has been working with extensions since forever. The Extensionist also has a branch in Bromley, and another just opening in Dubai (!) but for our more local readers, today we’re just focusing on SW11!

The expert Olia removed my old, grown-out, extensions and colour-matched an expensive-looking combination of natural light blondes to add length and volume. Using her own bespoke Russian mini tapes, she applied them below the crown so I could wear my hair up or down with virtually no visibility. The application only took about an hour but was utterly transformative – I left with luscious princess hair, styled in louche waves, full all the way to the ends.

To illustrate just how natural they looked, my (hair-obsessed) cousin didn’t believe I’d had extensions, even going so far as to tip my head upside down and examine them over Christmas lunch! We added a good few inches, but Olia totally avoided that tell-tale extensions thing where you see an obvious discrepancy between your natural hair and the additional length.

The Extensionist’s mini tapes are far more comfortable than bonds I’d had previously, and are so small and discreet they lie totally flat. I can run my fingers or a brush through my hair without bonds getting caught, and there’ve been absolutely zero tangles! With other extensions, I’ve really noticed knotting and tugging when I’ve used a brush, which resulted in visible damage and breakage to my own hair when I’d had them removed.

Even better… the quality of The Extensionist hair means the texture is soft and smooth, blending in with my real hair perfectly. With previous extensions I’d noticed a marked difference from my own hair, meaning unless I blow-dried it every time the extensions were noticeably coarser and heavy, taking forever to dry and looking odd and fake if I’d let them dry naturally.

The Results

I absolutely love it! Having tried microtapes with Olia, I’d never go anywhere else!

The Details

Extensions at The Extensionist start at £450.

The Extensionist; 78 York Rd, London SW11 3QD; +44 20 7223 9922; www.theextensionist.com

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