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Dr Sophie Shotter

They Say

Dr Sophie is one of a new breed of highly successful aesthetic practitioners who come from a medical background and bring with them the highest levels of training, expertise and patient care. Dr Sophie has a particular passion and reputation for her work with injectable treatments and threads, supported with high-quality in-clinic skin treatments, such as peels and collagen-induction therapy. She is also a strong advocate of effective, at-home skincare regimes to both enhance and maintain treatment results and is passionate about providing a tailored and bespoke approach for each and every patient so that they can achieve the best possible results. She takes a personal interest in each of her patients and in understanding their individual concerns and treatment objectives to ensure that the most effective treatment combinations and solutions are used to meet their needs.

The Process

Initially, I meet Dr Sophie on Zoom and she talks me through my skin concerns. She is careful to listen to my thoughts and makes an effort to only suggest treatment that she thinks I’d find worth the time and money, something she does for all her clients. I tell her that I haven’t given my neck enough love over the years (who has?) and I’m looking for something to give it a boost, as well as combating the dreaded Tech Neck.

Dr Sophie suggests Nucleofill, a brand new treatment for anti-ageing that functions similarly to Profhilo. It works by stimulating skin regeneration at a deep level and has a cleansing effect on the cells by increasing circulation and removing free radicals. The results are a deep moisturising effect, firming and contouring.

It’s a simple procedure. Numbing solution is applied and then Nucleofill is injected into the targeted area – in my case, a series of tiny injections were placed along my necklines. Though it was rather uncomfortable at times, the process was over in a matter of minutes. Afterwards, there were tiny bumps in thin lines along my neck, making me look a little bit like Frankenstein for the rest of the day (though no one seemed to notice when I went out for a drink that evening!). The next day, the lines were barely visible. It’s suggested that you return for a second, possibly third, treatment.

The Results

When I returned two weeks later, Dr Sophie pointed out that the sides of the lines on my neck had already disappeared. She then treated the more stubborn areas towards the inside of my neck and suggested returning in another three weeks, which I did. As the process is so gradual, I’d suggest taking a few photos before the treatment, which Dr Sophie did for me as well. Though I had seen the difference in the mirror, it was only after looking at the before and after photos that I could see just how much of a change Nucleofill had made!

The results have been like nothing I’ve tried before. Though not instant like filler, Nucleofill is more long-term in its impact, healing and not reshaping the skin. After three treatments, the lines on my neck are noticeably faded and the skin is much tighter. Though I didn’t expect many comments (because no one really looks at your neck, do they?) people around me have been noticing ‘something different’ about my neck that they can’t quite put their finger on… well I can, it’s Nucleofill, and I have no doubt it will be a staple in years to come.

The Details

Dr Sophie is the founder of Illuminate Clinic, Kent, and practices in town at 10 Harley Street.

Nucleofill is £550 per syringe


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