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Profhilo with Dr Melissa McKay

What they say:

‘Specialising in medical aesthetics and clinical excellence for five years, Dr McKay started training as a surgeon, was a GP in the UK for more than a decade and continues to provide support as an Occupational Health Physician. She has worked in Dublin, Prague and Dubai and has also undertaken voluntary work in Kingston, Jamaica. Signature Clinic London adopts a less is more approach, providing treatments that are sympathetic to natural features, and Dr McKay recommends additional support to her clients if she feels they need further assistance from professionals in other areas of medicine.

The Signature Clinic London team offers aesthetic services in the UK from clinics in London, Leeds, Preston and Derby including liquid rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, medical-grade facials and skincare. The clinic has launched an academy to provide mentoring support for delegates keen to become experts in clinical excellence and medical aesthetics treatments.’

Profhilo has a whole spectrum of different effects. We age in three ways: our bones, fat and skin; Profhilo tackles the skin portion. It is an injectable moisturiser, which is inserted near the eye, earlobe, cheek, chin and jaw; like a non-surgical facelift. In the next 48 hours, the hyaluronic acid melts into the tissue, leaving you with hydration and glow for the days that follow. In the long term, it stimulates collagen, elastin and superficial fat cell regeneration.

The Experience

Firstly, Dr Melissa is incredibly likeable. When we first spoke, she told me that the other doctors she works with (pictured above) are down-to-earth people who are exactly so with their patients, and she likes it that way. It’s important to have an aesthetics doctor who understands the human body, which Dr Melissa certainly does, but she also displays a concern for the well-being of her patients, which you can’t fake. Our consultation was towards the end of lockdown, so we had our chat over the phone. Dr Melissa asked me a few questions to get a feel for my ‘needs’ (she stressed that she uses this word lightly) and to suggest the best treatment options. We talked through other treatments that I was considering, and she took the time to expand on our conversations – without any pressure – giving me useful and incredibly honest information. She laughed that it may have been too much information – she clearly loves her job – and I immediately felt like I was in safe hands.

When the day came, the procedure took no more than 15 minutes from the moment I arrived. The small doses of hyaluronic acid were injected into my face at five symmetrical points, and I was left with ten small, spot-like lumps where the needle had been. My face was red for about half an hour and the lumps where I’d been injected, which were far smaller than I’d expected, could barely be noticed unless I pointed them out. They say that it takes up to twelve hours for the lumps to go away, but mine were gone within four. I barely had time to take a photo! The process was a little uncomfortable, but less painful than threading or waxing. Unlike Botox, where you have to sleep on your back on a raised pillow, I was able to sleep normally that evening.

The Results

Now here’s the kicker: I wanted to try Profhilo as a preventative treatment, and I was aware that the effects might not be as immediate or noticeable as other treatments. Your skin is meant to look fresh, possibly after the first treatment, possibly after the second. After this, over time, the effects of the hyaluronic acid are meant to remodel your skin, producing more collagen and elastin and generally giving you a good dose of anti-ageing. I was not expecting any immediate results.

However, two days after the first treatment, my housemate actually gasped when I got in from work, ‘You are glowing!’ she said, ‘Like a baby!’. I will take that. I also didn’t wear foundation for the next week or so, because I didn’t need it.

After the second treatment, the dark circles under my eyes – which I had previously considered filler for – were almost unrecognisable, my skin felt firm and even, and I also started to see visible reductions in the lines around my mouth and eyes. Overall, my skin feels tighter, fresher and I know that the subtle long-term results of the Profhilo are silently working their magic in the background. I will certainly be keeping this trick in the bag and, if you’re considering it, I would highly recommend Dr Melissa to be the one to do it.

The Details

Profhilo comes as two treatments, four weeks apart, and sometimes with a potential third. Top-ups after that can be anything from six months to a year apart.

Book here: Signature Clinic London, South Molton Street


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