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Botox with Unndoo 

They Say:

‘No more worrying about travelling on the tube or train.

No more taking time off or squeezing in an appointment.

Convenience, discretion and safety – all from the comfort of your home or hotel. 

Our facial aesthetics practitioners are experienced medical professionals. Most are either dentists or doctors to, ensure you’re in the safest hands.

A totally new, game-changing, industry-disrupting concept! Unndoo is an online platform that brings anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin or Botox) directly to your front room. It’s the first of its kind, offering a professional and clinical service with an emphasis on safety, security and hygiene. Their attention to detail when it comes to making an at-home area clinical is second to none, and their team are handpicked doctors and dentists who are highly trained and precise injectors.’

The Process

The great Dr Savan (a dentist by trade) rocked up to my house, polite and knowledgeable. We had a chat about where and how much I’d like things softened, along with my desire to avoid the dreaded outer eyebrow lift.

Sensibly conservative, Savan suggested we start with 2/3 of a full dose and top up with more in a fortnight if needed. Unndoo offers complimentary follow-ups/top-ups two weeks after, which is the gold standard in responsible aesthetics.

I went for baby Botox across the forehead, and a tiny dash to my emerging crow’s feet. Savan had brought an extra small needle to minimise any pain, but other than around the eyes, I barely felt a thing.

He applied pressure to injection sites directly after to minimise any chance of bruising over the subsequent days. Fortunately this worked.

The Results

I first noticed a difference three days later, when I woke up, looked in the mirror and wondered why I looked so rested, having slept so badly…

Then I twigged. It wasn’t sleep, it was magic! Or, a tiny needle wielded expertly in the comfort and privacy of my sitting room.

The Details

Anti-wrinkle injections in two treatment areas: £275, this includes the call out, consultation, treatment, product, and optional follow up appointment two weeks later.


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