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Patrizia Manias

The Blurb

The stunning new addition to the Patrizia Manias group sits on Shelton Street in Covent garden.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, the space is dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows and a wonderfully elegant black onyx and Hermes orange colour scheme.

The Process

My colourist Giorgia and I discussed the exact tone I wanted – 90s Schiffer, since you ask – then she proceeded to weave the finest strands into foils for a super natural sun-kissed look. She added Olaplex – a contemporary breakthrough when it comes to limiting colour damage – and managed to lift my dark blonde/light auburn hair using just 2% peroxide. A miracle when you consider 3-6% is usually needed to lighten even properly blonde hair.

Having inherited the worst of both worlds – the fineness of my father’s hair, yet the dryness of my mother’s – my hair is the unholy grail when it comes to fragility. I leave most hairdressers with infinitely more damage than when I walked in, even if just from the double shampoo. But Giorgia was almost as gentle and considerate with my hair as I am myself. Which, given I will only sleep on a silk pillowcase, find even tangle-teasers too abrasive, and generally only wash it with conditioner… is really saying something!

The foils were gently removed, the hair rinsed, another Olaplex treatment applied, then a brief covering with toner before I was sent back to the chair for a trim. I favour a straight, single length cut; as long as I can get away with, before the split ends appear.

I thought I wanted a cm off, but I trusted Giorgia so much I allowed her to go for a whole two inches, and I’m glad that I did.

The Results

I left with a wonderful, natural blonde, a couple of tones lighter than my natural colour, and a tone that harmonised perfectly with my skin.

The cut left my hair looking thicker and healthier and the whole thing was over and done in half the usual time, despite using a much milder peroxide! Despite the two inches lobbed off, a couple of friends commented on how long my hair had got over the coming week – a true testament to Giorgia’s handiwork.

Giorgia is a genius, and the salon is stunning. My advice? Book in as soon as it reopens!

The Details:

A half-head of highlights and a cut and blow-dry with Giorgia is £240

20-22 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JJ

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