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Errol Douglas

The Blurb

“Errol Douglas was awarded his MBE for education and services to the hairdressing industry. Widely considered to be one of the most influential hairdressers in the world, his role as UK and Ireland Ambassador for Moroccanoil, results in a strong reputation globally, as well as in the UK. The Errol Douglas salon in Belgravia is unique in that it is accredited with International Technical Excellence. The salon looks after every hair type at the very highest level of technical and artistic ability. Clients travel to the Errol Douglas salon from all over the world. The salon enjoys a loyal following and an unquestioned reputation.”

The Process

A bright arch of flowers hangs over the doorway to the Errol Douglas salon, giving off a friendly and inviting air that is matched inside. The salon is light and modern without being stiff or intimidating. Exposed hanging wire bulbs adorn each cutting station and big oval-shaped mirrors add an unusual style touch.  At the time of my visit, there are also (branded) COVID screens dividing each station and I see members of staff diligently wiping down the chairs etc. between clients which is reassuring in these times.

Everyone who walks through the door seems to be a regular and is greeted like an old friend. I love the laid back feeling of the salon, the kind that comes with total confidence of what’s being provided, there’s no need to try too hard because the results speak for themselves.

I’m booked in with Errol himself…but when I get there it turns out I’m with his right-hand man George instead. I explain my need for low maintenance hair (with the imminent arrival of this baby) and he agrees and suggests we just take some of the weight out of the front and tidy up the rest. I have my hair washed (my fave part of any haircut), and am advised on how to condition my hair by teasing the waves at the roots to help with the final look, before heading over for my cut. Everyone who touches my hair that day is efficient and confident and the whole process takes less than an hour.

If there’s one word I’d use to sum up my experience at Errol Douglas it’s “effortless”, and I meant that in the best possible way. There’s chat – but no excruciating small talk; there’s advice and offers of drinks – but no fawning; there’s friendliness but no sense of faking it. George and I talk a bit about his grandma and COVID, but a lot of the time is spent in comfortable silence, which has me thanking my lucky stars…I sometimes struggle with the inane small talk that can feel like an obligation in salons. There’s nothing remotely unfriendly about George’s lack of chattiness – it just fits with the laid back air of the whole experience.

The cut is fantastic – bouncy, fresh, not too different but fresh enough to make me feel fabulous.

The Details

Errol Douglas, 18 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8LB; 020 7235 0110; reception@erroldouglas.com;

Cut and Finish from £85 (stylist) – £300 (Errol himself)

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