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Organic Home Spray Tan with Hannah Gaboardi

The Blurb:

Organic Tanning Bronze is a three-process 100 per cent organic tan made of sugar cane, fruit acid and soya beans. It’s available for three skin tones; English Rose, a red-based organic tan for fairest skin; Golden Bronze for olive skin tones; and Clear Bronze for darkest skin, which is designed to even out skin pigmentation. Each ‘tan’ promises to give the skin a healthy, natural glow and instantly make you appear to have dropped a few pounds.

The Process:

Tanning technicians are available for home bookings and with each tan taking between 15–25 minutes it’s ideal if you want to gain confidence for an event or upcoming holiday. The first step of the process is an exfoliation treatment. Fruit acid was applied to skin to remove any dead skin cells, and to ensure the skin is moisturised, even in the driest areas. The tan was then applied with an airbrush gun, adding contour to the body to make the stomach appear defined and slimmer, and the arms and legs to appear longer. To finish, a perfume lock spray was applied to maintain the tan and prevent marking on clothing.

The Result:

The tan developed over a few hours following the treatment. However, I instantly felt more confident and bikini-ready after the process. The tan didn’t give off a strong smell, so I could attend an event that night without feeling conscious of the dreaded lingering fake tan odour. With the tan lasting seven days it’s an ideal way to prepare for the beach or give the body a natural glow any time of year.

A three-process private tanning session is £60.


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