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Lip Fillers with Dr Bela Hovarth

The Blurb:

The Park Club’s brand new Medispa houses one of London’s foremost dermatologists. Originally hailing from Hungary, Dr Bela Hovarth is an oncologist, as well as a dermatologist, and also holds the position of founder and Medical Director of Harley Street mole check service, MelanomaMobil.

The Park Club’s Medispa is a brand new, state-of-the-art clinic. A slick, subterranean refuge, it is at once polished, friendly, and avant-garde.

With staff qualified up to their eyeballs, Dr Bela has a safe and effective solution for any beauty concern. As well as fillers, botox, vampire facials, peels and lasers, Dr Bela offers a new lip shaping technique, Heart Lips. While I decided I wanted a slightly different shape from this, he was able to create exactly what I meant, in less than 15 minutes.

The Process:

Dr Bela carefully considered the natural curve of my lips and my desired result before suggesting a small injection of Restylane Lip in my cupid’s bow. We discussed and sketched the outcome I wanted, and what was and wasn’t possible. Incidentally, he was very clear that what I’d thought I wanted wasn’t possible. And on further reflection I can see it would have looked rather odd.

After ruling out relevant medical issues, smothering my lips in topical anaesthetic, subtly switching on some calming music, and reassuring me that the result would be great, the numbing cream got to work. Dr Bela is skilled with nervous patients, and completed the entire treatment without me even seeing a needle. To provide context, I’ve refused all injections point blank for over a decade.

The lidocaine anaesthetic cream is hugely effective, and in my experience, the longer you can leave it before starting the better. I have a low pain threshold but the pain was minimal. At one point I did feel a single sharp twinge, but I think that had more to do with my extreme squeamishness than actual pain.

The needles used are miniscule, and it goes without saying, opened fresh in front of you. The great thing with temporary fillers is you can see the result immediately and decide whether and where to add more as you go. Each time we added a tiny bit more, I preferred the result. This also makes it feel like a collaborative process, unlike surgery where you pass out and come around hoping for the best!

More fundamentally, in contrast with other dermatologists I’d consulted with, I never felt pressured, or cajoled into a treatment by Dr Bela. There was never any suggestion that there was anything ‘wrong’ with my face, or that I ‘needed’ anything, or that I was in any way less than perfect. Just that, if I really wanted plumper lips, it wouldn’t be hard to achieve.

The Result:

Was it worth it? One hundred per cent. I even went back a few days later to have a cheeky extra jab. Dr Bela is sensibly cautious and advises less to begin with, so you don’t rush into anything you might regret. Reflecting on the result in your own time allows you to feel even more in control, and positive about your decision.

My only grievance is that the treatment doesn’t last longer. The main constituent of non-permanent fillers is hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the dermis so the body metabolises this filler in six to eight months. The benefit of using such a bio-similar product is very low risk of an allergic reaction, (unlike permanent fillers – the cause of the famous Leslie Ash reaction). But when you have as great an artist as Dr Bela, I could see it getting addictive.

It’s been a month now, and I’ve intentionally not told anyone, just biding my time until someone observant spots a difference. I’ve never had so many compliments, or been told how young I look for my age, but no one, not even my own mother, has noticed I’ve had ‘work’. Friends just say I’m looking really good, ‘by the way’, as though I’ve been touched by a spontaneous beauty spell that could come and go at any time. But that’s exactly how I want it – only Dr Bela and I need know better!

Heart lips start from £400-600 and lip augmentation starts from £350-£550.

Medispa, The Park Club, East Acton Lane, Acton, London, W3; theparkclubmedispa.co.uk

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