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Nioxin Scalp Renew
'The treatment is a bit like a detox for the scalp'

Nioxin Scalp Renew at Kell Skott Haircare

The blurb

‘Thicker, fuller-looking hair in 30 days guaranteed’ — that’s the message on Nioxin salon treatment and home products. Leaders in the US for tackling the tricky problem of hair thinning, I tried Nioxin Scalp Renew treatment at Kell Skott Haircare in Notting Hill’s Westbourne Grove as a way to revitalise my scalp; after all, a healthy scalp is the only way to healthy hair.

The process

The treatment is a bit like a detox for the scalp: a combination of an exfoliating deep clean to stimulate and remove product build-up and dead skin cells, followed by invigorating conditioners to hydrate and strengthen hair.

My stylist Kristine inspected my scalp closely (the first time I’ve ever had this done) and she found it not too dry, irritated or flaky: good news. However, thanks to an almost daily dry shampoo habit, there were suspicions of product build-up, which luckily this treatment is perfect for. On dry hair, Kristine applied the Dermabrasion Treatment; she sectioned hair out as though she was doing a colour and applied the solution along the hairline starting at the top of the crown, working her way down and back.

I was warned the sensation would feel tingly but as I don’t have scalp sensitivity the feeling was perfectly comfortable. After just ten minutes I was ready for the wash and condition ritual.

Now the sensations exploded onto my head. Each product applied — shampoo, conditioner, masque — contained reviving mint extracts that left my head and scalp feeling like there was current of live energy flowing through it. A dramatic but refreshing finish before having a cut.

The result

For a treatment that targets so many issues — scalp irritations, thinning hair, breakage and signs of ageing — it’s speedy and efficient. The whole experience takes no longer than 20 minutes, making it a tempting treat to tag on to any cut appointment. For continued results there is a three-part system to take home.

The atmosphere at Kell Skott was relaxed, friendly and very attentive. Kristine’s consultation and explanations of the treatment were very detailed and her cut was exactly as she described; just right for my face.

I walked out with bouncier, shinier and thicker hair and two weeks later I’m still being asked if I’ve had my hair coloured — no, it’s just the super shiny results from Nioxin Scalp Renew.

The details

Nioxin Scalp Renew at Kell Skott Haircare, from £15
Cut and blow dry, from £52

Kell Skott Haircare, 2-4 Lambton Place, London W11 2SH; 020 7229 1671; www.kellskotthaircare.com

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