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Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure

The Blurb

Lauded for its pioneering nail expertise, global luxury brand Margaret Dabbs London boasts eight clinics in the UK alone with three international locations, including Dubai and Spain. Adding to its roster of impressive sites, Margaret Dabbs London introduces us to an exciting new spot in John Lewis, White City. I was lucky enough to be invited for a Medical Pedicure with one of their expert HCPC registered podiatrists, Thomas.

The first thing of note was the clinic’s placement – tucked perfectly to the right on the first floor of the store, in prime position for post-shopping relaxation. The initial impact of the space is clean, shiny and inviting; I was welcomed in by reception and guided through. On entry, I’d noticed the extensive menu which includes so much more than I’d realised. As well as standard nail treatments, the clinic offer everything from Diabetic Medical Pedicures, Laser Therapy and Nail Reconstruction to Massage, Reflexology, Waxing and Threading options.

Little did I know, the Medical Pedicure treatment I would be having is one of the most popular for the brand and available at all locations. Known for making you feel like you’re “walking on air”, I was more than ready for it – especially at 30 weeks pregnant!

The Process & Results

A 45-minute treatment, the Medical Pedicure looks at all aspects of your foot health with a personalised diagnosis as part of the package. After a few medical questions, I relaxed into the chair – coffee in hand – and watched as the podiatrist used a plethora of fantastical tools to remove all the dead and dry skin and calluses (he had his work cut out). My nails were buffed, shaped and hydrated with product – it was pure bliss. I’ve always suffered from dry, cracked heels, and this treatment made my feet feel baby soft to the touch and somehow lighter in general. They just looked so new and clean. Thomas prescribed me the Fabulous Feet, Foot Hygiene Cream product, which I’ve been using religiously ever since; the results have lasted way longer than a standard pedicure has ever done and I can tell you the claims are true: I did feel like I was walking on air – no mean feat with swollen pregnant feet.

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll go back to a standard pedicure after experiencing the medical alternative at Margaret Dabbs London. The same level of relaxation, though on a major scale, with long-lasting results that feel professional and prescriptive but offered up in a luxurious spa-like setting. Plus, you can then pop into the nail salon space straight after and get some colour on those toes with one of the clinic’s nail technicians.

The Details

The Medical Pedicure is available in Margaret Dabbs London Clinics nationwide.

Treatments from £85.00 for 45 mins with Professional Podiatrist / £130.00 with Director.

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