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IQoro by MYoroface

Question: When can a tiny piece of plastic literally help save your relationship?

Answer: If you snore so loudly it keeps your other half awake at night – and then you stumble across a clever device that stops the ‘elephant trumpeting’ you’ve been held responsible for – and restores the marital peace.

I was a serial snorer, I was told, even though I found that hard to believe (being fast asleep at the time of course). Then my husband made a voice memo of me snoring, and confronted with the evidence, I began to search for answers, preferably natural and non-invasive…..

The process

…And then I discovered IQoro. As you age, the muscles in the upper airways of your diaphragm tend to weaken and can lead to a host of conditions. These include snoring and sleep apnoea, and a host of other conditions. These muscles in the diaphragm can’t be accessed via normal physical exercise.

That’s where IQoro comes in. It purports to treat the root cause of acid reflux, swallowing difficulties – and snoring. It is a neuromuscular training device that works these weakened diaphragmatic muscles, strengthening them from the mouth, upper airways and oesophagus down to the stomach. Other conditions the device can treat include hiatus hernia – which can be the root cause of an array of conditions and symptoms, such as acid reflux, heartburn, gassiness, persistent cough and phlegm.

How does IQoro work? The device, which is made of durable plastic (it comes in three colours!), has a handle at one end and is shaped like a whale’s tail at the other. This end goes into the mouth and rests between the front teeth and closed lips. You pull firmly on the handle while gripping and resisting with your lips for 10 seconds, with a three-second rest, for three pulls in total. This exercise, which takes 90 seconds to do three times a day, helps activate the neuromuscular system.

IQoro is the result of 30 years’ research by Mary Hagg, a renowned Swedish specialist in orofacial medicine, who had worked with treating eating and swallowing disorders. Mary created the device for patients with eating and swallowing disorders, but soon saw its wider potential for other related conditions, including hiatus hernia. While hiatus hernia – when part of the stomach moves up into the chest – is not a disease in itself, it is the root cause of conditions such as GERD, silent reflux, and heartburn. Given that the condition is very common if you’re over 50 (according to the NHS website), this might be one of its most popular uses.

With years of scientific evidence-based research into it and many awards later, IQoro is now recognised by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a new innovative treatment for hiatus hernia – reducing the need for risky surgical intervention or long term use of drugs – and stroke-related dysphagia.

The Results

I began training with IQoro, and completed the 90-second exercise three times a day. Within one to two weeks’ use, my snoring lessened, I was told. After three or four weeks the sleep-disrupting noises had become rare rather than the norm. I was definitely not keeping my husband awake (at least not for the wrong reasons). Cause for celebration!

What I love about MYoroface, the company that markets the device, is the clarity of the information and guidance it offers on its website, and the quality of its customer support – they promise ‘you will always have free support from us, either by email or phone’. They back this up with online seminars to coach users and answer their queries.

Thus far so good, although once I’d achieved that result, I admit I lapsed in doing the exercises, and a few months later the snoring crept back in. So I returned to training, which sorted it out yet again. I only go back to top up now and again if it becomes an issue. I feel IQoro will be in my life for the long run, and I’m grateful to know there’s a system that can cure snoring, and if necessary address conditions such as acid reflux and gassiness, something I’m noticing friends complaining about more, and that will respond to a strengthened neuromuscular system. If you can treat chronic conditions that are becoming increasingly frequent with a natural, simple-to-use, non-invasive method and avoid drugs or surgery, what’s not to like?

The Details

IQoro costs £145, which includes VAT and all import and toll fees (but not delivery), and users get ongoing email and/or phone support.


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