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Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow Spa treatment at Ayanna Spa

The Blurb:

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get the bikini bod ready. If this seems more like a pipe-dream than an obtainable goal, then look no further. Ayanna Spa is a boutique day spa in Holland Park which offers a range of cutting-edge beauty and therapeutic treatments including the Lumafirm® Body Firm & Glow Body Wrap, available from June 2013. The spa itself is a serene haven, tucked away from the hustle and bustle outside, which oozes positive energy and serenity.

The treatment in question is an hour long and is courtesy of award-winning skincare specialists Pevonia. Promising to lighten, brighten and tighten, the Lumafirm® Body Firm & Glow Body Wrap is marketed as a wrappage – an ingenious blend of a body wrap with a massage. This unique combination of two iconic spa therapies will ensure your body oozes vitality and a long-lasting radiance.

The Process:

The treatment is a four-step process using the most luxurious of products, which has an exclusive formula consisting of 26 active ingredients for immediate absorbency and instant results. The first part of the treatment consists of a body elixir which is massaged until it is completely absorbed. Straightaway I could feel the ingredients working away as my skin experienced an energising and tingling feeling all over, leaving it feeling ultra smooth and silky.

Step two involves a micro-release massage gel. This is applied and massaged into the whole body, lasting for around 20 minutes. My therapist was attentive to my individual needs, focusing on my problem areas. The massage was deep and penetrative, meaning that any stubborn pockets of fat or toxins soon melted away, whilst the heat sensing technology within the gel meant my skin was gently warmed, enabling the active ingredients to work their magic. This part of the treatment definitely packed a beautifying punch, boasting numerous ingredients which nourish, hydrate, revitalise, smooth and protect the skin.

Next up was the actual wrapping part of the treatment. This consisted of my body being wrapped in a plastic sheet and towels so I was nicely cocooned and lasted around 15 minutes. The body mask is then removed using warm towels and a body moisturiser is applied to further enhance the results. Throughout the treatment, my therapist was informative about each step, enlightening me as to the health benefits of all the ingredients.

The Result:

I left feeling honed, toned, brightened and tightened, although a little parched. The only real side effect that I noticed was being slightly more thirsty than usual and I was told to drink lots of water that evening. Apart from that, I definitely experienced a lifting effect and my body felt firmer and more sculpted.

Lumafirm® Body Firm & Glow Body Wrap; £90 for one hour
Special launch offer; £69

Ayanna Spa, 146 Holland Park Avenue, London, W11; www.ayannaspa.co.uk; 020 7998 7872

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