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Jiemao Brows

What They Say

Eyebrow lamination is the new technique lighting up Instagram that promises slick, defiined brows with high shine. A relatively quick procedure that’s rapidly growing in popularity — largely because it’s non-invasive, unlike say, microblading, it’s essentially a perm for the eyebrows that lasts for around six weeks or until they grow out. It’s especially good for people with thinning eyebrows who are after a bushier silhouette but is also great for creating dramatic brows à la Cara.

The Experience

When I was a teenager, I plucked my eyebrows to the point that my mum would wince every time I walked into the same room, which is crushing to say the least for a developing ego. Fortunately, my eye frames eventually grew back but perhaps in rebellion to past injustices, they’ve remained unruly ever since. I took a trip to Jiemao Lashes & Brows to try and tame the beasts. Located in Marylebone, the salon is primed with all the tools and knowhow to make your brows sing like a Gen-Zer who’s taken inspiration from the local squirrel (a Gen-Zer would never make this joke). First, the brows are cleansed and then a relaxing solution is applied. This caused a bit of a sting but let it be noted that my skin is as sensitive as it comes so no surprises there. Next, a forming solution is added, which gives the brows shape, and then they’re brushed through and covered with clingfilm to allow them to set (see: previous perm reference). Some wax oil is applied to soothe and smooth and then any stray hairs are waxed and a tint is added to darken the colour. It all takes about an hour in total and is pretty much pain free; I’ve never had microblading but I’d wager that making tiny cuts into the face probably hurts a bit more.

The Results

Big, bushy, sculpted brows, as promised. In fact in the first day or so probably a bit too big and bushy — it takes a while to get used to major adjustments on the face doesn’t it? I diligently followed the rules and didn’t get my face wet for 24 hours but once I’d showered, the tint definitely eased slightly and they started to look a bit softer. I had some redness around the area the following day but that soon subsided and eventually the final result was really pleasing — hairs all pointing in the right direction, a lovely chiseled shape that ordinarily I’d have to use gel or wax to achieve, and a dramatic, defined arch. A week or so later and they still require brushing each morning (only if I want them to look styled, ain’t nobody got time to do that every day otherwise) but the colour, shape and shine have remained. I’d definitely have it done again.

The Details

Prices start from £60 with extra for after care products. The Jiemao team also specialises exclusively in the Organic Lash Lift and have two other salons.


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