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What they say

‘At dermoi!, we believe in the science of skin and cosmeceutical formulation. We put in the work to source the most effective treatments for skin, so you know what’s high-performance, genuine and safe. We test and review each product and treatment to ensure they meet our rigorous efficacy standards and will provide long-term benefits to skin.

Receiving a proper clinical facial treatment should not be difficult and should occur regularly. Achieving your skin goals is a marathon, not a race, and that’s why we come to you. We want to minimise your travel and open your schedule, so you can prioritise your skin – even on the busiest of days. Not having to leave the comfort of your own bubble means that you have more time to yourself.

You can simply book your treatment with our online booking platform at a time that suits you. Your expert aesthetician will come to your door with everything they need to give the highest quality facial treatment.’

The Process

On the day, my aesthetician turned up at my door and set up a makeshift beauty spa in my front room. An experience that you may think would feel slightly odd, but she was so friendly that I ended up feeling right at home, which I was.

In the first instance, I was asked to fill in a detailed form about my skin, the treatments I used and the results I wanted. We chatted through the things I was doing right and the things I could change to get the best results for my skin. I am often overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about what ingredients to use, so having someone who was qualified talk through my choices with me in great detail was incredibly useful.

My aesthetician then gave me a bespoke facial, with treatments that she had selected based on her assessment of my skin. This included an enzyme firming mask, red light therapy and a medical-grade retinoid cocktail, which she mixed there in front of me.

The Results

The immediate results of a facial (depending on how many peels and actives are used) will show up anything from a day to a week later, and the results in this case are delightfully dewy and fresh. What I like about Dermoi though, is that they recommend you do these treatments regularly – once a month to be exact – for the full effect. Compare it to the gym, where one session might give you an endorphin rush but the real results really come when you visit regularly. The treatments used in their facials reflect this, so you know you’re investing in your skin and not only going for that immediate rush.

With Dermoi, you can buy a subscription and the treatments can be tailored to what your skin needs at that moment, so it takes the hard work of researching out of your hands and you can just sit back and relax.

The Details

Subscriptions are from £69.95 to £79.95 per month, where your first treatment is FREE and any unused months accumulate or can be used as shop credit!

Stand alone treatments start at £95.

Book via www.dermoi.com

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