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Injectables with Dr Jonathan Dunne at Montrose London

They Say

Montrose London is a new skin and aesthetics clinic in Belgravia. Established by three expert NHS plastic surgeons who specialise in facial and body aesthetics. Montrose London was formed with the simple aim of providing bespoke, all-encompassing treatments for skin and aesthetic issues, set in an extremely discreet yet luxurious setting. The clinic offers everything from plastic surgery to injectables and advanced facials.

The Process

Better resembling a swanky off-shoot of Annabel’s or 5 Hertford St. than an aesthetics clinic, Montrose London is beautiful. Flagged by a large 18th-century arch, it sits at the end of Begravia’s West Eaton Place.

Both the reception and waiting area feel like a well-appointed sitting room, in your trust-funded, interior designer friend’s house. Think large Georgian chimneypieces, artfully mottled mirrors, marble columns, vast velvet sofas and hand-painted murals.

I first met co-founder and plastic surgeon, Dr Jonathan Dunne, for a consultation. We chatted about the backstory to Montrose and I outlined my concerns – a burgeoning frown line between the brows, and limited volume in my lips. He talked me through various options, discussed what else they offer, and booked me to return a week later for a dash of tox between the brows, and a dash of filler in the gob.

Dr Dunne had discussed the option of a dental block – local anaesthetic jabs to numb the entire mid and lower face before lip filler – but having had filler several times before, this seemed unnecessarily drastic. I’ve had my lips filled without so much as anaesthetic cream a few times, and even that wasn’t terrible.

We’d discussed the precise position of lip filler at length in my initial consultation, but we reviewed this in the mirror again before starting. We agreed that just a dash of volume toward the outer corners of the lift and an even smaller, tapered amount in the upper lip would be ideal.

So, after slathering a generous dollop of lidocaine numbing cream over my lips, I sat back whilst Dr Dunne attacked the frown line developing between my brows – the result of many hours spent staring at a screen, and a cantankerous temperament.

Botox injections are so shallow and small that they’re barely noticeable, and, at his skilled surgeon’s hand, over in seconds.

We let the numbing cream get to work on my lips for a little longer – the perfect opportunity for a dash of doom-scrolling, or, if you’re of a more productive bent, 20 minutes of work emails.

Dr Dunne started super conservatively and had me check in the mirror after each small incremental increase in volume. I can’t tell you how few doctors allow you this autonomy. I loved his positioning, so we added more in the areas discussed, transforming me, subtly, in minutes.

The Results

Brilliant, a super subtle yet resounding improvement. When people comment on how well I look I usually imply I had a good night’s sleep, or sometimes mix it up with ‘I’ve had a few days off wine’ (!). Whatever works for you.

I couldn’t recommend Dr Dunne and Montrose London higher. Everything from the architecture to the interiors, to the staff, procedures offered, and outcome, was perfect.

Dr Dunne is an artist, and, with his exemplary record as a reconstructive surgeon in the NHS, probably the safest pair of hands in the business.

The Details

Botox starts from £295, lip filler starts from £350

Montrose London;19 West Eaton Place
SW1X 8LT; office@montroseclinics.com;


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