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House of Saab

What They Say

With your well-being at the heart of everything they do, House of Saab’s doctor-led team delivers more than just a service. They combine masterful aesthetics with excellence in wellness to deliver London’s most revered personal experience. They believe that to truly offer exceptional care takes more than just expert knowledge and aesthetics artistry – it takes time, patience and an unrivalled attention to detail. Their job is to make certain that you leave them looking and feeling not just refreshed, but incredible.

The Process

On a quiet street, just moments from the hub of the ever-popular Westbourne Grove, is House of Saab. Light and spacious, the clinic oozes west London luxury. On hand in the reception area are a selection of product samples on a coffee table and a tray of Lint Lindor Chocolates, two of my favourite things: skincare and dessert! I’m then handed a glass of their signature tea and taken into the treatment room.

I lie down under a duvet (yes, a duvet!) and Saba talks me through the WOW facial. I’m told that the WOW facial (or WOW fusion, which is the main event of the procedure) is a take on the ever-popular treatment, Aquagold, which has already swept the beauty industry in the US.

A WOW facial starts with a classic cleanse, exfoliate and peel, fuelled by Skin Ceuticals products. Then the WOW fusion part of the session is a combination of Microneedling and Mesotherapy. For anyone who hasn’t tried microneedling, it’s a process that causes hundreds of invisible tiny pricks in the skin, which kicks the body into hyper-rejuvenation, sending a surge of collagen and elastin production to the face. This version uses a tiny device comprising 20 incredibly short, hollow needles that make up the size of the tip of your little finger. Because the needles are hollow, this then gives way to Mesotherapy: a cocktail of over 40 high-quality nutrients and minerals, which are injected into the upper layers of the skin.

I was given the choice to opt for WOW tox, where a microdose of Botox is included in your skin cocktail. ‘Is this going to freeze my entire face?’ I ask. The answer is no, the Botox is actually for pore therapy, causing the pores to shrink and thus retexturing the skin.

Let’s be honest, as the process is done without any numbing cream, it’s not the most comfortable of experiences. The tiny needles, which are pressed onto the face by hand, can create some minor side effects as the procedure takes place. This can range from sneezing and watering eyes to a slight pricking feeling around the forehead to discomfort around the chin and under the eyes. Luckily, Saba was very skilled and precise, and the process was over quickly.

Before I reemerged into the outside world, I was also given a mask, some eye and lip serum and some SPF to protect the skin.

My face didn’t look overly red after the treatment. If anything, it looked healthy and glowing from the get-go.

The Results

Immediately afterwards, I went straight out to an event – barefaced, as I wasn’t able to apply any makeup for the rest of the day. Within 5 minutes of walking into the venue, I got compliments from 3 separate people about how good my skin was looking – not bad given that I had absolutely no makeup on!

The following 48 hours were more of the same, especially after my skin had been given a chance to calm down (it was microneedling after all). In fact, two weeks later, my skin is still looking better than it has all autumn, and makeup sits on my skin perfectly, even as the heating goes back up to full blast.

More than anything, what I love about the WOW facial, is that you get the instant glowing results of a facial but with the knowledge that you’ve also invested in the long-term impact of microneedling. What a combo!

The Details

27 Chepstow Corner, Notting Hill, London, W2 4XE

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