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Haus of Skin Launches in St James’s!

Lifestyle and longevity adviser to the stars, Dr Haroon is opening sparkling new aesthetics and wellbeing clinic, Haus of Skin!

With avant-garde artwork, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a trendy Mayfair gallery, but offering everything from private GP appointments, IV treatments, diagnostics, injectables, micro-needling, PRP (vampire facials), mesotherapy, radiotherapy and laser skin treatments – alongside the piece de resistance, Sofwave – House of Skin has it all!

We’ve written about Sofwave before, but in short, it’s a 45 minute ultrasonic non-surgical face and eyelift, with zero downtime, and results heads and shoulders (sorry!) above anything that’s come before.

All the rage in LA, Haus of Skin is one of the few clinics offering Sofwave in London – you can bet your bottom dollar (sorry… again!), that the great and the good of west London will be clambering at his door. With results that rival or better surgery, Sofwave results improve month by month, giving you an entirely passive facelift that lasts for up to two years!

Dr Haroon analysis a client’s skin

Haus of Skin launches on February 26th, but we’ve had a sneak peek around this underground gem and it has more technology than a subterranean Bond lair! With cutting-edge devices that span the entire aesthetics field, this clinic has a solution for everything…

Led by doctors Dr Haroon and Dr Hussain, this pair of brilliant young GPs are ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies, techniques, and modalities for biohacking. Think everything from intravenous NAD+ infusions, to ozone therapy, to telomere research, to the best in topical stem cell products.

The clinic is set to expand to also include dermatology, massage, sauna, physiotherapy, psychology, and specialised female health practitioners. We, for one, can’t wait!



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