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Hair Filler at Salon Sloane

The blurb

While we happily spend a fortune on in-depth, 10-step skin routines, it’s rare we apply the same care and attention to our hair. Consequently, our locks often lose out and that’s especially noticeable when you live in the city or have spent an entire summer chasing the sun.

Step forward bona fide hair genius Belle Canon of Salon Sloane, who’s cleverly created Hair Filler, an in-salon treatment that injects hair with an extra dose of deliciousness. Designed to hydrate, gloss and plump, it’s a mask that using 100% Hydrolyzed Keratin. These hair-enhancing proteins cling to the gaps left by breakage on weaker strands reviving lacklustre locks.

It’s ideal for people with colour-damaged, over-processed or thinning hair, or anyone who’s looking for that little bit of extra bounce. Brilliantly, it’s also completely natural, containing no toxins, chemicals or preservatives at all — because that’s the last thing your hair needs when it’s already struggling.

The process

Prior to arriving at Salon Sloane, a press release about Hair Filler landed into my inbox and immediately piqued my interest, not least because I spent a lot of time in hotter climes this summer, but also because I’ve had some scalp issues lately, something that’s directly impacted the vitality of my hair. It’s quite irritating to wake up one morning and seemingly have less healthy hair than when you went to bed, so the promise of a quick fix proved tantalising.

Located on Pavilion Road — the kind of idyllic spot that Richard Curtis would recreate brick for brick for the set of his latest rom-com — Salon Sloane is a slick little venue with a friendly set of staff. Greeted warmly, I was led straight to the wash bowl where my hair was shampooed using all the relevant products for my hair type, essential the prep stage prior to the masque. After a brief consultation, the Hair Filler was applied from root to tip before my head was bound in a hot towel. I was placed under a heater to ‘bake’, and while I sipped coffee, I daydreamed about the swagger my new locks would undoubtedly inspire. You’ve seen the hair adverts, you know exactly what I mean.

After 30 minutes the treatment was rinsed off and (an optional) gloss was applied, and then I was left in the hands of Shima — unofficial blow dry queen of Salon Sloane. She was great, and naturally wields a hairbrush like an extension of her own hand. With a few flicks of the wrist, some elaborate twirling, and a brief exchange of life stories, I’m sauntering out of the salon with more bounce than a bouncy castle.

The result

In the immediate aftermath my hair shone with the kind of oomph that you can only ever apply to a salon standard blow dry — it genuinely felt lighter and glossier, for which I was very pleased. But did it add volume or reinstate the thickness I felt I’d lost recently? Probably not, if I’m honest. That said, the condition of my scalp definitely improved for about a week or so, which was an unexpected bonus, and during that period my hair definitely looked healthier. It’s worth remembering that when it comes to thinning or weakened hair it’s not realistic to expect an instant fix, and to maintain that initial glow I suspect you’d need to top up the treatment every couple of weeks or so. Those lucky enough to have hair in already good condition may get just as much satisfaction from a regular blow dry unless they’re looking for an extra splash of luxe.

The details

Prices start from £60; salonsloane.com

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