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They Say

GetHarley is a digital platform and service that connects some of the world’s most renowned skincare professionals with consumers, for skin consultations and personalised, product regimes of exclusive, science-led brands, delivered to their door, including the likes of Obagi, Skinbetter Science, pHformula, Cyspera and Emepelle. Until now, these brands could only be purchased via a clinic. These products are usually more potent than their high street counterparts, which means they work harder for your skin and have ties to the medical or pharmaceutical worlds, thus requiring a trained professional’s recommendation following a skin assessment.

The Process

I am a self-confessed skincare geek. I have watched video after video of aesthetician-reacts-to-dermatologist-reacts-to-celebrity-nighttime-routine, researched every ingredient in every product and tried all the fads and anti-ageing technology that I can get my hands on. But in spite of this, I often find myself wondering how I can simplify my routine into one fail-safe, fuss-free swoop. That’s why I was so excited to try GetHarley: I have never sat down with a professional and asked them for honest advice about my skin, and I couldn’t wait to hear what they had to say.

Medical grade skincare is not available online and not everyone has the time or access to Harley Street’s clinics in order to get it prescribed for them. GetHarley provides a solution to this problem, connecting you with legendary aestheticians and doctors, who can access what you need online and provide you with a simple link to purchase it.

In the first instance, I filled in a form about my skin and scheduled an online consultation, which I then had to change (not once but twice) as my schedule kept changing. This is not a problem for GetHarley, as it’s designed for busy people. You also have easy access to the team via WhatsApp, so you can get hold of them ASAP should you need their help with anything.

GetHarley matched me with Dr. Uma Jeyanathan, who specialises in facial aesthetics aimed at restoring a natural, fresh-faced appearance. We met online and Dr Uma talked me through her choices for me, explaining exactly why she’d chosen them and introducing me to new ingredients for my skin type. She then answers any questions I have about how to look after my skin.

There is an option to think about it before purchasing the regime, but I went for it straight away and the pieces were on their way to me with a few simple clicks. A box arrived at my door the next morning containing Neostrata’s Clarifying Sheer Hydration Sunscreen, Restore Facial Cleanser and Bionic Face Serum, as well as Skinbetter Science’s AlphaRet Overnight Cream, (the latter coming in at £110). On that note, there is no need to fret if price is an issue, as GetHarley have options based on your budget. So if you’re able to spend £30 on skincare, that £30 will buy you products that work for you. No fads, no fuss.

The Results

After two weeks of using the products, my skin – which has been parched and exhausted since a recent shift in business this summer – now looks fresh as a daisy, glowing and crinkle-free. Not only that but the simple two-step day and two-step night regime has made things so much easier for me! No longer do I have to agonise over which product to layer over which; Dr Uma has given me a foolproof routine that provides my skin with everything it needs right now. You can also change up your regime as and when you need to, which means that you could keep the sessions going as and when you need for a long time!

The Details


An online consultation with GetHarley is £30 and lasts for 30 minutes; products are purchased separately.

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