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Endosphères Therapy at Repose, Kensington

They Say

Endosphères Therapy comprises three phases of treatment that work together towards complete facial rejuvenation. The treatment works beneath the skin to ensure tone, elasticity and shape. On the surface to even out the complexion, tackle dark circles and reduce eye bags. The treatment acts with immediate effect on your face’s delicate tissue. It accelerates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to revive tired, dull or sagging complexions and re-awaken your natural beauty. Endosphères Therapy also proves to actively slow down the alteration of the facial muscles and tissues, ensuring that the lips and cheeks keep their structure, shape and definition to result in a winning smile.

The Process

Conveniently situated on buzzing Kensington Highstreet, Repose is a beautiful health and wellness centre providing everything from facials to osteopathy. When I arrived, my lovely therapist escorted me to the treatment room. I lay down on the comfy, heated therapy bed and we talked through the process. Endospheres can be used on the face or the body with differing benefits, but as I’ve felt a little tired recently, I wanted to try the facial treatment. It’s a fantastic alternative to more invasive treatments, with a similar and more natural effect to fillers and botox (it can actually be used alongside, with a suitable delay in between to allow injectable treatments to settle.).

First, my face was cleansed and my therapist powered up the machine. Then, what felt like a hundred tiny rotating bristles massaged, vibrated and exfoliated my face. The handheld device targeted specific areas: it felt like a high-tech gua sha massage with the added advantage of a really decent exfoliation. It was a remarkably pleasant sensation and I could literally feel the blood flow being stimulated as the machine glided across my skin. It was gentle but still felt firm enough to be effective, and the device can even be used very close to the eye and on delicate skin. It felt incredibly specific and targeted, and yet, when the treatment was over and the post-treatment facial was completed, there was barely any redness (in fact, I went on a date straight after, which I usually wouldn’t do after a facial treatment).

The Results

Immediately after the treatment, as I said, there was barely any redness, and anything that was visible was easily covered by makeup. What was noticeable, however, was the immediate plumping and lift of my cheekbones, the slight sharpening of my jawline and the lift of my eyebrows. Over the next few days, I saw a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes, all of which came without feeling in any way ‘done’.

This treatment is recommended as part of a course, so the effects weren’t as dramatic as they would be after a few sessions, but I definitely felt more sculpted, smooth and cleansed. I’d love to do this again the day before an event and I’d be really curious as to the longer-term results after a course.  I’d recommend this for anyone who wants a non-invasive alternative to injectables

The Details

Repose Clinic, 40 Kensington High St, London W8 4PW

Endosphères Therapy is £170 for 60 minutes


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