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Cosmetics 27 Sculpt & Lift Facial at BeautyWorksWest

The Blurb:

One of BeautyWorksWest’s most popular facials, the Sculpt and Lift is a multi-faceted approach to anti-ageing. Using their Cosmetics 27 range, this treatment claims to lift, firm and brighten the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also reducing puffiness around the eyes.

The Process:

The 80-minute treatment begins with a thorough cleanse using their oil-rich balm cleanser. Its oil-based emollients cut through deep-seated grime, ageing surface toxins and pore-clogging pollutants, leaving even the most congested skin peachy clean. I discovered years ago that oil-based products are actually great for congested skin. Aggy, my therapist, used long sweeping strokes to double-cleanse, before focusing on lymphatic massage and collagen-producing techniques.

Shortly after the rejuvenating massage comes the endormolift machine. By creating a series of micro-concussions across the skin’s surface, the machine triggers collagen and elastin production at a much deeper level. Aggy used different sized heads for different areas of the face, with separate programmes for the cheeks, forehead, lips, jaw and eye area. The mechanical stimulation also drains toxins and clarifies the complexion. The machine essentially performs the same function as a powerful manual massage, but with components tapping the face at a rate of 14 times a second, it outperforms any human hand.

Next up is the Plasma 27 mask, a pre-impregnated natural mask to firm, repair and sooth. This was left on for 15 minutes, whilst Aggy enveloped my hands in fresh, sealed pouches of gooey hot paraffin. The paraffin softened and hydrated my hands as the mask got to work.

Somewhere in the process I was given a chest and shoulder massage with the signature serum, and at several points products were wiped and pressed off with delicious hot flannels.

The Result:

This was one of the few facials I’ve had where I wasn’t anxious to get home unseen. I normally leave facials slightly rosy, covered in oily residue and mascara remnants.

The lifting effect was immediately visible, in a way I’ve only otherwise experienced after Indian facial massage. The products absorbed before I set foot back out onto BeautyWorksWest’s charming cobbled mews, and I left feeling hydrated and sculpted, as opposed to shiny and aggravated. All in all, it’s a good one.

80 minutes £160

BeautyWorksWest, 8-9 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London, W11; www.beautyworkswest.com; 020 7221 2248

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