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Botox with Emma Coleman

The Blurb:

Emma Coleman is one of London’s go-to Botox specialists. With a background in Nursing and a Diploma in Dermatology, Coleman specialises in cosmetic procedures and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Thanks to her additional qualifications in complementary therapies she offers a treatment menu that bridges a gap between medical and holistic approaches.

The Process:

I met the lovely Emma at the Sian Dellar Clinic in Harley Street. Reassuringly natural-looking, she’s a great advert for her work. I’ve had Botox a couple of times before but only in tiny doses and not for a little while. Emma discussed what I wanted – a preventative tweakment rather than full-on face freezing – and set to work marking points on my face in white crayon.

An absolute dab hand with a needle, I barely felt a thing as she danced across my forehead. Having never tried Botox around the eyes I opted to add a very small amount there as well just to see if I liked the effect – turns out I do. The whole procedure took under ten minutes, and I left with no needle marks or bruises in the following days.

I’d opted for such a conservative dose the first time around that we decided to add a tiny bit more at my two week follow-up appointment. The procedure was exactly the same as my prior appointment. With a very light touch of a tiny needle, I was good to go.

The Result:

I can still move my forehead and frown but the faint lines have softened. The additional injections around the eyes were also a great move – while I hadn’t got visible crow’s feet, the softening made a big difference.

Emma struck just the right balance between a noticeable improvement and a totally natural result. Probably the least traumatic injections I’ve had, Emma is great company, calming, warm, and exceptionally competent.

The Details:

Three areas of Botox are £330.

Emma Coleman practices at the Sian Dellar Clinic; 1 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9QD; emmacolemanskin.com; emma@emmacolemanskin.com; 07961 152324



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