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'Call it magic - I think of it as divine intervention'

Botox with Dr Anil

The blurb

Previously Resident Physician at Harvey Nichols, cosmetic doctor Dr Anil has appeared in Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, as well as having contributed articles to The Times, CBS and Fox News. He can also be spotted offering advice in a forthcoming episode of Don’t Tell the Doctor on Channel 5’s 5STAR.

Alongside his showbiz credentials, his clinics in Chiswick and Harley Street offer the very best in cutting-edge anti-ageing treatments. They cover every base, from tried and tested mainstays such as Botox and fillers to avant garde genetic profiling to assess individual susceptibility to different environmental assaults, to peels, acne treatment, mole screening, thread-lifts, and everything in between.

The process:

Botox is a straightforward treatment. Having had anti-wrinkle injections several times previously I knew what to expect—I lie down on the couch, shut my eyes, and expect about 40 short, sharp pricks. Except that didn’t happen. I lay down, shut my eyes and waited, but barely felt a single jab. And I’ve been known to skip travel vaccinations, such is my needle aversion.

The whole process took under 10 minutes from start to finish, and the usual minor bruising/raised needle bumps didn’t happen either. Call it magic—I think of it as divine intervention.

​The results

Dr Anil was the first cosmetic doctor to truly listen and understand what I wanted from Botox. Anti-wrinkle injections create a tendency for the eyebrows to rise at the outer edges at the expense of height in the centre third—a shape a lot of people love, but, sadly, the shape that suits my face least.

He did something incredibly clever. By avoiding the muscles that lift the inner part of the brow, and applying extra product to the frown-furrow muscle between the brows; thus paralysing the muscle that encourages the thing I dislike, he totally avoided this. He really listened to what I meant, something quite rare with doctors of his calibre, and after thinking carefully and asking me to raise my eyebrows and scrunch my face, he marked where he’d shoot and where he’d avoid.

By leaving the muscles in the lower part of the forehead intact he created my dream result—an airbrush-perfect forehead with an open-eyed look I’d never thought possible with Botox.

Having explained the same issue to other big-name, world-renowned cosmetic doctors, who all nodded along, seemingly understanding, the final result had always been the same: a reduction in lines, but at the expense of the ratio of my features; a smooth forehead but a subtle change for the worse to my facial layout.

Having had these experiences with such experts, I had wondered whether it was even worth mentioning my concerns to Dr Anil, as—at the risk of sounding gushing—I honestly didn’t believe it was possible to control the proportions of a face to such a subtle degree.

In short, I couldn’t be more impressed. I’m only worried the bar has been raised so high I’ll never trust another doctor near my face again.

The details

Dr Anil is available for appointments at:
West London Dermatology Centre, 227-229 Chiswick High Road, W4 2DW; 0208 742 2204
57 Harley Street, W1G 8QS; 0207 436 3936


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