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Manicure at Amara Spa

Anti-ageing Manicure at K West Hotel & Spa

The Blurb:

Set back away from the hustle and bustle of Shepherd’s Bush roundabout is the K Spa Hotel, home to one of west London’s trendiest spas. The hotel is a feat of architectural engineering and has a modern, fresh design making it a point of interest for the area whilst the in-house spa features some of the latest, revolutionary spa treatments around.

The reason for my visit was to review their latest anti-ageing manicure – the perfect midweek, after work pick-me-up. Although it may seem absurd to have a manicure tailored solely to anti-ageing, our hands are constantly exposed to the elements, especially harmful UV rays. Although my 20-something hands weren’t showing the signs of ageing yet, they were in need of some much overdue tlc.

The Process:

Upon arrival I was offered a selection of detoxing teas, filtered water and fruit in a tranquil relaxation area, dimly lit with a cool, refreshing breeze fluttering through. The whole experience oozed health and vitality; a detox haven.

The manicure took place in one of the spa’s treatment rooms. It included a deep cleansing and exfoliating soak to wash away any bacteria and dead skin cells. My cuticles and nails were then given much needed attention, given they had been neglected since time immemorial.

Next came the enzyme hand peel which was applied for 5-10 minutes. Both sides of my hands were given equal attention and I was treated to a hugely relaxing hand massage – so soothing that I nodded off.

After the peel was removed, my hands were treated to an intensive moisturising and hydrating repair mask. They were cocooned in a warm towel to nourish and soften the skin. I was then treated to yet another massage, except this time a head and shoulder massage.

The brand of choice at K Spa is LCN, the Thai masters of natural beauty elixirs including an innovative nail care range. All their products are made using natural ingredients including avocado, hibiscus and bamboo.

Finally, a rich hand cream with an SPF 15 and anti-ageing vitamins C and E was applied to my hands. The selection of varnish colours was vast but I opted for a flame red. Two thick, luscious coats were applied, then I was taken back to the relaxation area where I was given more detoxing teas and a vast array of magazines.

The Result:

The whole experience was fantastic. From the ambience, to the therapist, to the treatment itself and finished result, everything was perfect. The manicure lasted a good few weeks and, as someone who is prone to chipped and unkempt nails, I was extremely impressed by its resilience. My hands also felt silky smooth, as though a new, revived layer of skin had been given the chance to come through. Although the experience is described as 55 minutes, I was in the spa for almost two hours. I left in complete tranquility – the polar opposite of how I arrived. All in all, a great experience. I would recommend it to both the manicure junkie and the low maintenance, get up and go girl.

The K Spa Anti-ageing, £55 for 55 minutes.

K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London, W14; www.k-west.co.uk; 020 8008 6610

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