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A Glow Facial at Cecilia London

What They Say

Having worked in the aesthetics industry for over a decade, Cecilia Ross has been able to see what treatments and products really work when it comes to keeping your skin looking and feeling great. Her clinic, Cecilia London, has a list of devised all-purpose facials that are built to target, relax and restore every person. We are all unique, and so are our skincare needs.

The Glow Facial is the most popular treatment at Cecilia London. It features a botanically based peel that removes impurities from your pores and gently exfoliates to reveal the healthy glowing skin below. Extractions are expertly done to unclog any blocked pores, including milia removal, and a hydrating mask is left to work its magic while you receive a relaxing shoulder and neck massage. LED light therapy is then used to deeply hydrate and reduce any inflammation and redness. This facial is perfect for all skin types and leaves you feeling relaxed with the signature Cecilia London glow.

The Process

I’m always sceptical about facials. When I think of a facial, I think of a pricey afternoon spent in a clinic, with results that only last if you splash out on the extras – an LED mask here, a peel there, extractions all over the place… But on a dreary Autumnal lunch break, I take some me-time to visit Cecilia London to try out the Glow Facial. I’m intrigued, as it promises to be an affordable one-stop-shop, with all the extras included, and expertly tweaked for my own skin needs. Plus, at just £75 for an hour, it’s also designed to not break the bank (I used to pay more than that for my monthly wax!).

When I arrive, we chat for a bit and Cecilia explains her own stance on facial aesthetics. She tells me that, on their own, things like fillers can look odd and out of place. If your skin itself isn’t regularly looked after, other tweaks aren’t going to make you look younger or fresher. That’s why Cecilia recommends a facial a month, regardless of whether you decide to delve into anything more hardcore.

The clinic also offers microneedling, which Cecilia says she’s seen major results from, and I believe her. Her own skin is immaculate. She’s the real-life embodiment of that fresh-faced-no-makeup makeup look.

Back to the facial. I relax on the heated bed and Cecilia gets to work. The products are all made from natural ingredients – yummy things like cinnamon and honey – so as she cleanses, exfoliates and extracts, I’m taken on a journey of the senses. The package also includes a face and shoulder massage, so at the end, I’m not only nourished and beautified but I’m sent away in a sort of daze, almost (just almost) too relaxed to go back to work…

The Results

Afterwards, my face is glowing (as promised). When I get home in the evening, I have a WhatsApp call with my friend, and I’m ashamed to admit that I swap the cameras around so that I can admire Cecilia’s work.

What I didn’t expect was this… prior to visiting Cecilia, I’d been looking at my tired under eyes – at the lines and bags that were forming – thinking I’d have to splash out on a more intense treatment to revive them. Three days post facial and I’m looking in the mirror thinking how much better they look. In fact, my whole face feels healthily airbrushed. It takes me a minute to realise that, actually, a trip to Cecilia London was all I’d needed.

The Details

A 60-minute Glow facial is £75


Light Centre Monument, 36 St Mary at Hill, EC3R 8DU

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