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World Radiology Day – Light Years of Advancement at the Heart of Healthcare

In light of World Radiology day, Wednesday 8 November 2017, Highgate Private Hospital highlights how imaging and diagnostics has contributed to better treatment success rates.

Radiology has been at the forefront of medical technology since its inception in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. Radiographs are produced by transmitting X-rays through a patient. The X-rays are projected through the body onto a detector; an image is formed based on which rays pass through and are detected versus those that are absorbed or scattered in the patients (not detected).

Wilhelm first tested the X ray through his wife’s hand: she had to stay still while the whole process took 90 minutes. Now, with advanced technology and with the variety of imaging available today, it now takes milliseconds to take an X-ray.

For example, Highgate Private Hospital’s Imaging Department is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, including Digital X-ray, Interventional Radiology, 1.5T Wide Bore MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner, CT (Computed Tomography) scanner and Ultrasound. These scans offer patients the highest quality imaging, which is vital for rapid diagnosis and improved outcomes, usually on the same day with the walk-in service that the hospital offers.

David Doyne, Diagnostic Lead Clinical Radiographer at Highgate Private Hospital, says, “One of the most crucial elements about treating a patient is timing; if a condition or a disease can be spotted early through diagnosis then it makes a fundamental difference to the outcome.

“The diagnosis facilities now available, in addition to greater awareness of early symptoms of diseases, have contributed to increased success rates of treatments, particularly in cancer.”

The imaging and diagnostic department at Highgate Private Hospital take X-rays in the department for inpatient, outpatient and GP referrals, but also during operating theatre cases for patients having pain injections or more complex spinal surgeries.

The clinical team at Highgate Private Hospital is made up of nine people, who are committed to caring for patients and make a real difference to the patient experience.

On Wednesday 8 November, the imaging and diagnostic department will be marking and recognising the day and using it in future to promote radiography as a profession and also what it can offer to patients. Staff will be bringing in cakes and sweets and inviting staff from other departments to celebrate with them and visitors.

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