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What to Do When Struggling With Your Health

Even if you lead a generally healthy lifestyle, it won’t mean that you will always feel at your best. Everyone will find that their health deteriorates every now and then. If you are struggling with a new or existing health condition, or you simply are not feeling as well as you should, here are some of the top steps that you should take.

Speak to a Doctor

Many people put off seeing their doctors for fear that they are a bother and that there is nothing seriously wrong. However, the quicker you catch ongoing health conditions, the better. If your health is poor enough to worry you, it is poor enough to see a doctor about it, even if it just relieves your anxiety about your wellbeing. This means that you should book an appointment with a doctor that you trust and who you believe is experienced and reliable as soon as you can. This is particularly important since you might be unable to find time for an appointment immediately. Once you are with your doctor, you should be honest about your symptoms and try not to leave anything out, even if you believe the symptom in question is unimportant. This can make it easier for your doctor to diagnose your condition and offer you the correct treatment option to prevent your health from worsening and solve the problem at hand.


When your health is poor, it can be easy to panic about it. However, the more anxious you are, the more likely it is that you will experience symptoms – especially as stress can cause changes in your body. Therefore, you should try to put concerns out of your mind as much as possible (after a doctor has told you there is nothing to be concerned about or has prescribed treatment). You should consider taking up meditation and try to get out of the house and exercise often. You could participate in an activity or hobby that you enjoy to take your mind off concerns, and you might try deep breathing and relaxation exercises. You might also consider running a bubble bath, getting into nature, and taking a break from your busy schedule.

By doing activities to de-stress and stop focusing on your worry, you might find that you have given treatment time to work and you feel better, or that your initial concern has gone.

Look Into Medical Cannabis

Sometimes, traditional medicine might not be the answer, and you might be looking for an alternative that can provide you with potential positive effects. Although more research still needs to be conducted into its benefits, medical cannabis could help to improve your health. This is especially the case if you are struggling with chronic pain or if you have mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. To get medical cannabis in the UK, you will have to visit a specialist medical cannabis clinic. Here, they will be able to develop a treatment plan for you that could help you thrive and might combat the health condition that is currently affecting your quality of life.

Make Lifestyle Changes

When you are struggling with your health, one of the best steps you can take is to implement lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes alone can turn around many common health conditions (such as acid reflux) and can allow you to lead the life that you want to. However, it can be difficult to get into better habits – you may need to be strict with yourself and create a schedule to follow until these changes come habitual. For instance, you might decide that you want to commit to moderate exercise a few times a week, that you want to enjoy less screen time, and that you want to eat more fresh food, including fruit and vegetables. You could unplug the TV to make it harder to use and set goals like reading a book a week and eating 3 more pieces of fruit a day. By making these changes, you will be able to look to the future in a more positive way and reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions such as heart disease.

Take One Step at a Time

When you are struggling with your health, rather than hoping that it changes overnight, you should take each day as it comes and try not to worry about the future too much. By focusing on what your body needs and is trying to tell you each day, as well as the tiny changes you can make to improve your health, you can move toward a greater relationship with your body that can increase your physical and mental wellbeing.

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