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What beauty treatments can be done at home

Why should you consider at home beauty services in 2021?

Several beauty treatments can be carried out at home, it is not always useful to go to an institute. Whether it be simple treatments that are within everyone’s reach or more technical treatments that require the call of professionals, you have the possibility of staying at home!

Hair Cut

You don’t have time to go to a hair salon? Don’t worry, call a hairdresser at home to help you. In recent years, home hairdressing has become a must. Moreover, it has many advantages to offer. The home hairdresser can come to your home at times that suit your schedule.

It should be noted that not all occasions require the same type of hairstyle. Holidays are the best opportunities to request the services of a home hairdresser. But you can also call on an at-home hairdresser for your birthday or Valentine’s Day, for example.


A professional make-up artist can come to your home (or wherever you wish) to achieve the beauty you desire. Daytime make-up, evening make-up, bridal make-up, everything is possible! The pro comes to your home with all the equipment and shares her little tips to reproduce precise gestures at home.

A home make-up artist can also come to your home to give a tailor-made make-up class, solo or in a duo.


We all know beauty starts from within, and professional grade marine collagen supplements like Ikaria Beauty Youth Elixir, your best skin is only a berry delicious powder drink away!


Hair removal is never a pleasant moment. Why not take the opportunity to do it in the comfort of your own home? At-home waxing is a real asset for all women in terms of convenience. It is the solution to combine the advantage of staying at home with the care expertise of a professional.

Hair removal in the right conditions is the assurance of having clear and smooth skin for three to four weeks. It is also an opportunity to exfoliate dead skin and prepare your skin for deep hydration.


While most nail care professionals work in beauty salons or nail bars, some prefer to be self-employed. It is therefore possible to hire an independent beautician to provide nail care at home. Professionals working in their clients’ homes are very well equipped. They always travel with professional manicure kits, a UV nail lamp, a manicure table, nail polishes, cosmetic products, etc.

Home beauty treatments have multiple advantages. You avoid the stress of traffic and traffic jams before and after the treatment. The professional brings back his equipment, products and table to enjoy the same comfort as in the institute. It is also possible to use the services of a beautician at home to host an evening with friends. Finally, the beautician can even come to your workplace if necessary!

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