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How to become a successful nail technician

Do you feel it is time to enhance your career in the nail industry? It might be that you have been working on friends and family and having a growing reputation for excellent work. It might be that you have thoughts of entering the beauty sector and are not sure how to be successful. In this introduction to becoming a successful nail technician, we will talk you through the routes you can take and the issues that should concern you.

What is a nail technician?

You might think that a nail technician is someone who does manicures. It is fair to say that the grooming and beautifying of fingernails is part of the job. However, you are also responsible for the general health of nails on the hands and the feet and treatments and the creation of new designs. While a lot of the work is technical, working hard to apply the skills you learn as a nail technician, success will come from being sociable. You will be expected to provide an experience for the client. Your social interaction and charm will get you far in this sector, as clients can become friends, and friends recommend you to others.

What will you do as part of your work?

There are many more jobs to master as a successful nail technician than you would imagine. There are obvious tasks, such as applying and removing nail polish and nail extensions. You will also recommend designs, colours, and styles that would suit individual clients. General grooming is another essential skill, so tidying nails by cutting, cleaning, and shaping them.

However, you are also responsible for the overall health of a clients’ nails. Therefore, you will provide a range of nail care treatments and advice to your client. Part of this client care will be about communicating clearly and helping the client feel at ease.

To be successful, you need to be confident to sell products and up-sell additional services. While you might be confident as a technician, selling is another skill set that will require some training.

What will I get paid, and what is the cost?

Setting up as a self-employed nail technician, which a lot are, comes with some trade-offs. First, you can set your prices for each treatment per client. You will also have complete control over your schedule. However, you will need to buy all the equipment and rent space in a treatment room. If you choose to be a mobile nail technician, you will need to factor in the travel costs.

Consequently, to be a self-employed nail technician allows you a lot of freedom, but it also requires some business knowledge to be successful. When working out whether this role will pay for you, you should consider the cost of the disposable equipment, the cost of your time and balance this against what other nail technicians and salons would charge. There will be a sweet spot that allows you to earn a profit for each treatment.

Spas and beauty salons also offer jobs to nail technicians. Here you will be paid based on your level of experience, and while you train, you will likely be paid as if you are an apprentice. You will also be expected to undertake other business responsibilities, such as serving teas and coffees to clients and general cleaning duties.

Why would you want to become a nail technician?

Being a successful nail technician opens the door to a wonderful mix of creativity and personal skills. The obvious benefit for someone who enjoys doing nails is that your hobby will be your career. However, it will only be a great experience if your personality is suited to meeting new people. If you are a social butterfly, then you will love this career. Every type of person will walk into your treatment room at some point in time.

How do I succeed in this career?

There are many routes to becoming a successful nail technician. You can attend a further education college and take a course. Alternatively, you can take an online nail course to earn a formal qualification. A final option is to work on the job. You can seek a trainee position or an apprenticeship with a spa or beauty salon. You can obviously set up a business without any of these formal training options, but your credibility will be higher if you do.

Ultimately, when you consider your route into being a nail technician, you need to balance those costs with your ability to earn money. If you can persuade people of your abilities because of the training and the testimonials you have gathered while learning – you will be more successful quicker.

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