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Varidesk Review

“Think On Your Feet” is a well-known saying. Standing at work may seem like the latest fad but it’s been around longer than you may think. Throughout history, prominent figures have been very successful standing whilst they work. Standing boosts your blood flow, which in turn increases productivity, concentration, creativity and ingenuity.

Here are some famous adopters of working whilst stood up:

• Leonardo Da Vinci – It’s believed Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa at a standing desk in the 1400s.• Thomas Jefferson – had a ‘Tall desk’ specially designed so he could stand and work on his architectural blueprints.

• Ernest Hemmingway – adopted a standing desk to write on after he suffered a leg injury in World War II.

• Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill are also believed to have preferred working at a standing desk.

Nowadays you don’t need to fashion a standing desk, you can pop a varidesk on top of your existing desk! Recently proven to increase concentration by users by 46%, standing desks have plenty of other health benefits. This include reducing back pain, lowering cholesterol, lowering the risk of diabetes and even burning up to an additional 650 calories per work week, when used for 4 hours per day.

Varidesk – a leading standing desk manufacturer provide their desks to some of the greatest minds and businesses globally. With 98% of the Fortune 500 having a Varidesk, it’s clear to see why companies use them. Providing an active workspace is becoming more commonplace and these market leaders have embraced the shift from stale, sedentary workplaces into vibrant and exciting companies encouraging an active lifestyle.

We tried one here at West London Living, and thoroughly enjoyed the encouragement it gave us to pace, and think as we did so.

There are a range of desks to suit everyone, and the popular Pro Plus 36 costs £365 from uk.varidesk.com


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