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Top Products: Your Guide to Summer Beauty

With the soaring temperatures set to be around all summer (hurrah) you may be searching for some beauty saviours to make getting ready for 30 degree heat a little more tolerable. As far as we’re concerned, summer beauty products should be all about a healthy smile, a healthy complexion and of course, fabulous nails! Natural is definitely the way forward for a seasonal look and our top products have you covered…

Be You by Curaprox contains an exclusive key ingredient, Glucose Oxidase, which converts to Hydrogen Peroxide when it comes into contact with the air, to deliver effective teeth whitening without wearing any enamel away ensuring teeth are healthy and naturally white. They’re available in six colours and flavours to suit your mood, too.

Dr Levy Stem Cell range, from the number one Swiss Botox doctor himself, offers scientifically proven results for firmer, hydrated skin and an innovative anti-ageing system to combat pesky wrinkles.

Dubbed ‘the next generation moisturiser’, Dr Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel moisturiser helps keep skin clear, helps to refine and purify, fights against pollution, soothes, calms and, you guessed it, hydrates.


Hayfever is probably the biggest bugbear of the warmer months, but Eyelergy eye drops combat those weepy peepers with a preservative-free formula that keeps itchiness at bay, too.

For bright summer talons the Cienna Rose nail lacquer collection, with long-lasting and chip resistant formula, is bursting with colours to get your nails perfectly prepped for sandals and maxi dress weather.

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