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The Mermaid Maternity Retreat

Imagine spending your months of pregnancy in comfort, full of energy and confidently awaiting the arrival of your baby. Once your baby is born, you spend a few days bonding with your baby, cocooned away from the stresses of the outside world, supported by a knowledgeable and familiar team who are there to help give your new family the right start. Then you spend your first few months of parenthood with access to a helping arm around your shoulder when you most need it, thriving within a community of other new mothers all on the same journey.

The UK’s top maternity and women’s health experts have been brought to together under one roof to give you just that. The Mermaid Maternity Retreat is a centre of excellence dedicated to improving the maternity experience of mothers and their babies. Mermaid is a members-only, newborn-friendly boutique luxury retreat with round the clock expert support helping you and your partner approach this exciting time in life with confidence.


Mermaid offers a safe and cosy environment with 24/7 support to help you recover, establish feeding, acquire important baby care skills and most importantly, bond with your baby during these special early days. Loved ones are invited to join you and share in those all-important first introductions.


Our delicious nutritionist-led menus have been created specifically for pregnancy, breast feeding and post-birth recovery. Receiving all of the essential nutrients you and your baby need can transform your experience at this time of life. Mothers are welcome to dine with their friends and family in our restaurant whenever they wish.


Whenever problems arise, Mermaid is here to help and guide you through them before they can become major issues. For example, breastfeeding is a key concern for new and experienced mothers alike. We offer a range of feeding support services, plus you can drop in at any time to feed your baby where there will always be expert advice on hand.


Attend any of Mermaid’s education workshops designed to help parents prepare for the birth, make well-informed decisions, build confidence and recover well after the birth.

Birth preparation classes; Caesarean birth; Natal hypnotherapy; Breastfeeding; Routines; Physiotherapy workshop; Mother & Baby nutrition; Paediatric First Aid.

Maternity Wellness

All of the therapies we offer have been specifically selected for their recognised role in improving the comfort for you and your baby during pregnancy, the birth your recovery afterwards. Mermaid has hand-picked the best, including Vicki Edgson, Emma Cannon, Tara Lee, Vicki Scott, Maggie Howell and Barrecore. Mother Nurture is here.

Mermaid Maternity Membership from £30 per month

Mermaid Maternity Support Stay from £595 per night

234a New Kings Road, London, SW3; www.mermaid.co.uk; 020 7199 3220

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