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The importance of adding natural light to your home

Natural light has unlimited power to completely transform a home. It cuts energy costs, reducing the amount of money we spend on electric and heating bills. It provides a wave of natural sunlight that has been proven to increase the value of your home as well as boosting positive energy. Its physiological, physical and financial benefits cannot be underestimated. Natural light is an essential part of our lives and something that every homeowner should strive to replicate in their own homes.

Increases home value

It’s not surprising that home buyers will look fondly on a house that incorporates a large amount of natural light. A bright home is an attractive home. If your house has few windows and most of the corners are lost in the shadows, it will not be as appealing as a home ignited with beautiful daylight.

You can increase the amount of natural light in your home by installing velux skylights, which will brighten up the space inside your home during the day and provide you with excellent views of the stars at night. You can increase the effects of your skylight even further by using the traditional mirror trick: adding extra mirrors to your home will help to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space.


Saves money on energy costs

By having additional windows in your home to let the daylight in, you will subsequently save a great deal on your energy bills. Why? Because natural light is free and doesn’t cost a penny. A dull home will require more artificial lighting, creating a huge hole in your wallet as a result. In addition to saving money on your electrical bill, you will also be saving on heating costs. Solar heat is a great option to help save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Improves mood and productivity

Natural light has been known to improve our overall moods and increase productivity. Spending all day in a dark and poorly lit house can contribute to negative feelings and depression.

It’s not only important to have plenty of natural light in the home, but also in the workplace. According to a recent study carried out by the World Green Building Council, 40% of workplaces with plenty of daylight experienced significant gains and improvements in productivity and sales.


Natural light and our health

Humans need vitamin D for healthy bones. Without it, we can develop health issues such as bone pain, tenderness and other bone deformities. The NHS states that we require vitamin D for our bodies to absorb phosphate and calcium from our diets. These are essential minerals needed to ensure healthy teeth, muscles and bones.

The importance of natural daylight is evident. If you feel as though you are not receiving enough natural light in your home, consider replacing and installing new windows or skylights to help increase light throughout the house.

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