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The 4 Bad Babits You Should Kick to the Kerb This Month

We all have bad habits, whether it’s never answering your phone, losing your house keys, playing with your hair, drinking too much coffee…Thankfully, most of them are perfectly harmless, however, some habits are more detrimental than others. Some habits are so bad, they can have a serious impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Sadly, most of us don’t realise how devastating these habits can be on our lives, and it’s not until we quit these annoying little quirks, do we realise how much they’ve been holding us back. Here we’ll explore 4 bad habits you should kick to the kerb this month.

Your smoking habit

Are you still smoking in 2020? The consequences of smoking are well documented: Heart disease, lung cancers, COPD, bad skin, yellow teeth, low sex drive.. the list goes on. The truth is that when you smoke, you’re literally exhaling life expectancy, giving yourself less time and a poorer quality of life. People start smoking for all kinds of reasons which means it’s not easy to give up overnight. So, why not start your quitting journey now and make the switch to vaping instead? It’s an incredibly common, popular and effective quitting tool. And you’re in complete control of how much nicotine you’re consuming – check out nicotine free vg e liquid to get yourself started.

Constantly wearing headphones

We all love listening to music and catching up on our favourite podcasts. However, if you’re someone who wears headphones for long periods, perhaps when you’re studying or you’re commuting to work, then you might want to cut back on this seemingly harmless habit. Studies have shown that wearing headphones for prolonged periods can have a detrimental impact on hearing quality and loss. When you are using your headphones, keep the volume down.

Biting your nails

A problem that usually takes hold in childhood, biting your nails is a bad habit you should certainly kick to the kerb this month. Not only does biting your nails damage your nail bed, and make growing beautiful, strong nails less likely. You’re also ingesting huge amounts of bacteria and germs, every time you place your fingers in your mouth. Think of all the surfaces you touch throughout the day, from light switches and keypads to remotes and your smartphone…it’s never been more important to keep your hands clean, so don’t put them in your mouth!

Staying in a toxic relationship

If you’re experiencing little niggles and feelings of discomfort around your current relationship, then you should be asking yourself why. The signs of a toxic relationship range from controlling behaviours, and dishonesty, to a lack of emotional support, a lack of effort from their side and of course physical, verbal and psychological abuse. Don’t ignore your gut feelings or the claims that your partner makes about you never finding anyone else. If you’re in a toxic relationship kick that loser and this bad habit to the kerb, right now!

Final thoughts…

Do you have any bad habits? Beating these bad habits can open up all kinds of new possibilities and encourage a positive mindset. You’ll only wish you’d done it sooner!

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