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Introducing the restorative powers of Red Light Therapy

We all know about the benefits of Red Light Therapy in facials, but have you tried it for your entire body?

Redjuvenate, located at the Ice Health Cryotherapy Spa, 237 Kensington High Street, is an intense treatment that works (like a sunbed) to stimulate the parts of our cells that produce more energy. Though this treatment is relatively new to the UK, it’s already making waves with its west London users, who are seeing improvements with things like sleep, skin health and even long Covid!

We were invited down to try it out for ourselves and we were hugely impressed. You’ll take a little while to adjust to the light, but once you’re used to it, it’s quite a pleasant experience. You’ll leave feeling as though you’ve just had a stress-free beach holiday!

A package of 5 is recommended as a good starting point twice, taken twice a week

A Red Light Therapy Single treatment is £85, and 5 treatments are £375

More about Redjuvenate:

Whether you want to turbocharge your energy or accelerate your athletic performance, Red Light Therapy may be the solution for you.  This exciting, whole-body treatment, harnesses the healing powers of red and near-infrared light, through photobiomodulation (PBM) and has proven benefits for the following applications:

• Boosting energy levels

• Strengthening sporting performance

• Faster injury recovery

• Enhancing sleep quality

• Reducing pain and inflammation

• Skin rejuvenation & Anti-ageing

• Optimising blood circulation

• Post-operative recovery


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