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How to Pick Up a Sport to Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

Getting active is a journey, one that many people in the UK are currently embracing. In 2023, more than 60 percent of UK adults reported that they regularly participated in sports, demonstrating that more of us recognise the link between exercise and overall well-being.

But what sport is for you? Whether you’re already part of the active movement or looking to try something new, here is how you can choose the right game to boost your health and match your lifestyle.

Think about your fitness level

Be honest with yourself. Are you a weekend warrior or a complete beginner? Don’t be tempted to jump straight into a high-impact sport like rugby if you haven’t exercised in years. You’re more likely to get discouraged or even injured.

You can start with something gentler like swimming or yoga to build a foundation. These low-impact exercises will improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility and core strength, all of which will benefit you in any future sport you choose.

Find one you enjoy

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore and the reality is that you’ll give it up quickly if you don’t enjoy it. Think about activities you genuinely enjoy. Do you crave competition and the thrill of victory? Try a team sport like football – just imagine scoring a winning goal in your favourite team’s home kit!

Love the outdoors and the feeling of accomplishment after reaching a summit? Explore hiking or cycling. The key is to choose something you’ll look forward to doing.

Embrace variety

As a general rule, our bodies thrive on diversity so don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same activity every day. Mix things up by doing a combination of exercises throughout your week. Add a Pilates session to your running routine or join a local sports club to enjoy alongside your weight training.

Not only will this keep your workouts interesting, but it will also target different muscle groups and prevent overuse injuries.

Gear up safely

Keeping yourself safe with the proper equipment and preparation is crucial. Investing in the proper footwear and clothing for your chosen activity will not only improve your performance but can also prevent injuries.

For example, good running shoes will cushion your impact and protect your joints, while a well-fitting weight-lifting built can provide support during high-impact movements.

Join a club

Exercising with a friend, family member or joining a local sports club can make all the difference. Having a support system will keep you motivated, especially on those days when you might want to skip a session. Plus, it’s always more fun to celebrate your achievements with your teammates.

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