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Emerge with Empower Online Coaching

Emerge is the latest program offered by Empower Online Coaching and prides itself on being enjoyable, sustainable and completely transformative.

How it works:

Emerge is a 6-month program broken down into 3 stages/steps

First: You’ll start to feel it

In the program’s first stage, you’ll be introduced to one of Empower’s core values; ‘we’re here to play the long game! It’s not about perfection, it’s about consistency.’

  • Begin with establishing healthy habits and routines that suit YOU
  • Introduce you to flexible dieting techniques and mindset
  • Set realistic goals and draft a plan forward

Second: You’ll start to see it

This is when you begin to understand what consistency means. You’ll realise that 1 bad week isn’t going to undo 4 months of work.

  • This will be the heavy education phase and diving into what is specifically relevant for you to learn
  • Time to practise your flexible dieting over the festive season and identify what needs to be tweaked for you
  • My Fitness Pal tuition to track and navigate your everyday life
  • Introduce stress management techniques and the role of exercise and nutrition

Third: You’ll start to love it

This is your time to shine! Progress will be fast and this will be your time to master what you’ve learnt at Empower!

  • Fine-tune elements of your program that we can continue to refine and improve
  • Habit and routine assessment to determine what can go the distance! It’s time to set long-term goals
  • Strengthening your mindset to make sure your progress lasts
  • You know what to do and how to do it, now it’s about the grind to EMERGE before the summer as the best you!

Your Nutrition Plan

On your start date, your coach will send you a questionnaire in which they’ll ask you EVERYTHING they need to know to create the most optimal and bespoke plans for you! The more info that they have about you and your life, preferences and goals the more they can help you.

All the food in the plan that they create for you will be foods you love, ensuring you have time to prepare meals and the macros will already be broken down to your needs – so all you need to do is portion up correctly.

The ingredients can be bought at your local supermarket – and you won’t be expected to buy any crazy or expensive foods, or include recipes that are too difficult to cook. The food is SO yummy, and you can enjoy it with your family and friends too! Plus shopping is made easy with the in-app shopping list function.

Your Training Plan:

Your workout plan will be created bespoke to your needs; whether you want to work out at home or in the gym, specific areas that you want to work on, building your current knowledge and level of fitness, and the time you have to workout on a weekly basis.

There is an in-app chat function so you track your workouts and steps and can message your coach anytime you need. This could be when you have a question or concern, or even if you’re just feeling unmotivated one week! The team are there to keep you motivated, uplifted and hold you accountable!

You will check in with your coach every week so that they can review your progress. This way they can ensure that everything is running smoothly and make any necessary changes to your plans to ensure you’re always progressing. Furthermore, your plans will be constantly reviewed so that you do not reach a plateau.

What people are saying about Empower Online Coaching:

“At the start of the year I felt so lost being stuck in a binge and restrict cycle I never thought I’d get myself out of. Fast forward 5 months and I’m now eating my favourite foods every day, training hard in the gym to get strong and healthy, and building the body I’ve always dreamt of! My whole mindset has changed completely and I’ve never felt better, physically and mentally. Empower has changed my life and I will forever be in their debt.” – Paige 

“After having a baby I wasn’t myself physically and mentally, I had no confidence and I didn’t have a good relationship with food and would restrict myself to try and lose some weight. But now I don’t need to restrict myself or feel guilty if I eat out. The meals are so tasty and the workouts are great. My confidence has grown so much to the point where I’m confident to wear crop tops and sports bras out in public which I’ve never done before in my life!” – Lily

“I have never before had a coach so dedicated, and invested in not only my nutrition and physical goals but my mental health too.
She has supported my excessive food cravings for pasta, chocolate, and bread, which I get to eat every single day
However, my favourite part, is that at each check-in we have, she asks about any barriers I’ve had that week and she helps me work through it, by offering her insight, knowledge and tips to take control. In short, she’s like you’re little pocket bestie, cheering you on, reminding you that you’re human.”- Brittany


What’s in it for you?

  • WEEKLY CHECK-INS: So that you can stay on top of your progress and motivation throughout your journey and make sure you are always on track for a successful week of progression
  • ONLINE SUPPORT: So that you can get a speedy reply to any questions you may have throughout your journey
  • PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM: Tailored to you, your daily schedule, experience and lifestyle
  • PERSONAL NUTRITION GUIDE: Built around the foods you enjoy eating, daily routines and macros
  • EDUCATION: Providing you with knowledge and insight every step of the way
  • PERSONAL APP: Where you can keep track of your development, chat to your coach and have all your plans easily accessible
  • IN-POCKET CHEERLEADERS: The team are with you wherever you go; simply message on the app for support and guidance anytime you need it! They are  there to help you navigate the trickier times, and celebrate all the wins along the way, no matter how big or small

Are you ready to EMERGE?

Secure your spot now!

To ensure that every woman who joins Empower receives a premium level of service, spots in our EMERGE program are truly limited. To register your interest please head to the Empower Coaching website and fill out the enquiry form, then one of the team will be in touch to chat, answer your questions and offer you a free no-obligation phone call to learn more about you and tell you everything you need to know about Team Empower’s Emerge program!

“We are so excited to speak with you and welcome you into the Empower community.”


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