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Does Ageing Really Begin At 20?

For years it has been believed that wrinkles appear at a certain age, but now a Greek cosmetic and pharmaceutical company have raised the question, is age really just a number? The popular company, Frezyderm, have said that lifestyle habits, everyday diets and environmental factors all play a part in the way skin looks, so age can no longer be held liable for the ageing process.

Women as young as their mid-twenties are now beginning to witness fine lines and wrinkles. Evident in the famous reality show, The Only Way is Essex, stars are becoming addicted to needles to help maintain youthful looking skin. Young women have now become “wrinkle-obsessive”, undergoing extreme treatments, from Botox to vampire facials, all in the desperation to re-claim their youth.

Frezyderm has become a huge success in Europe and now hopes to bring a touch of Greek beauty to the UK as it collaborates with Hunter and Heath, a fast growing online health and beauty store. Unique from other moisturisers and anti-aging crèmes, instead of concealing wrinkles alone, Frezyderm beauty cosmetics are designed to renew damaged skin cells which cause the appearance of wrinkles, tacking the ageing issue deep within. Each of these products is uniquely formulated to help cater for all age groups, waving the need for Botox goodbye.


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