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Best Summer Skin Illuminators

  1. Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator by Clinique; Blend this into cheek and brow bones to create the illusion that you’ve just stepped off a Caribbean beach. Easy to apply, the lightweight liquid blends into skin to create a sunkissed, bronze glow. Mix into foundation for a more subtle, all-over shimmer. £21. Available from Clinique; http://www.clinique.co.uk/ Uplighting Liquid Illuminator
  2. Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer by Nourish; This smells gorgeous – the organic aloe is fresh and soothing. The liquid smooths onto skin for an even, subtle glow. Dot onto the collarbones for added radiance. £14.95. Available from Nourish; http://www.nourishskinrange.com/ HR Golden Glow Face Shimmer Bottle
  3. Gold Skin Illuminator by St. Tropez; This creates a soft, natural glow straight out of the Mediterranean. Accentuate your features with the easy to apply liquid and make like you’ve spent the summer on a yacht. Blend into shin bones for extra glamour. £12.26. Available from St. Tropez; http://www.st-tropez.com/Picture 2147
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