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Bellecell Regeneration Clinic Opens in Churchill’s Mayfair Wine Cellar!

Tucked away just behind The Ritz, BelleCell combines breakthrough scientific analysis techniques and hyper-personalised treatment plans to boost the body’s natural regeneration process and tackle cellular ageing, as well as beauty and aesthetic concerns.

In a quiet and unassuming courtyard lies the secret to total wellness on a molecular level. The cutting edge metabolic and molecular (including genetic) testing forms the basis for all bespoke bio-hacking treatments and programmes. Factoring in genetic code, the treatment plans are laser focused to combat the specific needs and desires of BelleCell patrons. The brainchild of bioscientist turned entrepreneur Kasia Zajkowska, BelleCell specialises in regenerative wellness therapies. The mission is to make science and technologies more accessible, whilst spotlighting the latest approaches in solution focused wellness and rejuvenation. One size no longer fits all. Identifying, understanding and then applying the most effective and up to date technology is the foundation of every treatment plan.

Understanding the goal, whether that’s improving cognitive and physical peak performance for high performing professionals, age control to boost confidence or optimal sports performance to take athletes to the next fitness level. BelleCell follows the same principles to marry goals with findings and bridge singular or combination treatments to achieve success. Descending the spiral staircase into the historical yet ultra-modern labyrinth, the vaulted ceilings give hints of exposed original brickwork, you’ll find futuristic Scandinavian furniture and dynamic wall projections scattered throughout the social space. The clinic houses various face, body and detox rooms and at the end of the clinic is the Sports Performance Lab along with the Fusion and Oxy lounges.

Biohacking is a growing trend and the term very broadly used and interpreted. Biohackers range from world class scientist to self-experimentation gurus. The principle is simple, using techniques and technologies to improve performance and wellbeing with the objective to feel better, live happier and be healthier.

BelleCell is focused on science based, expert-led performance optimisation and beauty improvements, using proven technologies and techniques, based on bio-analysis findings.

With its neon lights and vast array of state-of-the-art equipment – everything from hyperbaric oxygen chambers to full body scans – Bellecell both looks and feels like a futuristic Bond lair from the 1970s!

www.bellecell.com 21 Arlington St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1RN

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