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BABTAC launches T.I.M.E: an initiative to help consumers signpost their way to salon safety

Currently, the lack of legislation in the UK beauty industry means there is nothing to stop someone with little or no training from establishing themselves as a seemingly professional therapist.

BABTAC ran a consumer survey* to determine their understanding of the state of regulation and training standards of the beauty industry, for which the results were very concerning with only 38% aware that it isn’t regulated. Beauty Backed ran a further comparison survey**, revealing that 56% still believed the industry was regulated. These results are a stark reminder of how low consumer awareness remains about the lack of regulation and standardisation of qualifications and training.

A similar number of consumers from both surveys believed that their therapists held relevant qualifications (70%). However, very tellingly over 90% would not feel comfortable asking to see their therapists’ qualifications, and 71% stated they didn’t know the difference between a regulated qualification and a non-regulated short course. Most notably, almost all consumers from both surveys believed that the industry should be regulated and that there should be a recognisable certification applied to fit-for-purpose training.

How can consumers be sure that the training therapists have received is fit for purpose?

This week BABTAC has launched its T.I.M.E initiative at the Houses of Parliament supported by several influential bodies and key figures across the industry, including the Beauty Backed Trust and ambassador founder Caroline Hirons, Millie Kendall OBE, founder and CEO of the British Beauty Council, skincare expert and founder of the Black Skin Directory, Dija Ayodele, and Skin Group International Founder Candice Glanville. A regulatory checklist, T.I.M.E will provide the framework necessary to ensure that consumers know what to be mindful of when booking a service with a beauty therapist.


What training and qualifications, including continual professional development (CPD) do you and all your staff have?


Are you insured and who by?


Do you carry out important pre and post-appointment processes such as patch tests, consultations and aftercare?


Can you provide certified proof of training and insurance, as well as client testimonials?

BABTAC is a not-for-profit company and one of the UK’s leading membership organisations and insurance providers set up to raise the level of professionalism in the aesthetics, beauty, hair and wellbeing industries. The business campaigns tirelessly for the introduction of a suitable form of regulation while currently self-regulating its own members.




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