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AXA PPP Healthcare Twitter Discussion about Anxiety

I often find myself in a cycle where I feel overwhelmed, unable to sleep until the early hours, wake up exhausted and am subsequently unable to function. I’d love to ask a specialist how to break this vicious cycle of insomnia that makes daily stresses seem so much scarier and in turn triggers more insomnia.

From 6.30–7.30 this evening, private healthcare provider, AXA PPP Healthcare will be hosting a Twitter discussion about anxiety. Ask questions, share tips, and have all your questions answered. Just Tweet #axapppchat. Every question tweeted will then be answered again in detail on the AXA website on Thursday 26 July by the clinical director for psychological health at AXA PPP, specialist Dr Mark Winwood.

Best of all AXA PPP will be giving away pamper packs worth £80 each to three lucky Tweeters!

There will then be a live chat with Dr Winwood on AXA’s website from 2pm–4pm, Thursday 26 July, where Dr Winwood will also be answering all the questions raised in the Twitter discussion: experts.axappphealthcare.co.uk/stress/live-chat/

facebook.com/AXAPPP; twitter.com; experts.axappphealthcare.co.uk/stress

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