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A New Gadget to Fight Period Pain

Compact and discreet, Livia is a portable, wearable device that stimulates nerves to block pain.

No more waiting for pain killers to take effect or relying on bulky hot water bottles – Livia uses technology based on the gate control theory. The device transmits unique pulses to keep the nerves ‘busy’ and block the signals that cause pain. The state-of-the-art technology uses unique micro-pulses to stimulate nerves and block painful cramps. No drugs, no chemicals and therefore no tolerance build-up.

Simply clip the Livia device to your waistband and attach the electrode gel pads to your lower abdomen. With the press of a button, Livia gets to work immediately, stopping pain in its tracks. You can then adjust the pulses to your preferred intensity and enjoy safe, comfortable and discreet relief that moves with you.

Livia has been so popular with customers that the brand had a waiting list of over 4,000 people wanting to get their hands on the device just off the back of reviews. Clinical studies using Livia have shown that 90% of participants reported pain reduction, 59% reported moderate relief, 31% reported complete pain relief and 32% said Livia provided significantly faster pain relief than drugs.

Livia is currently available for 33% off (£125.99) at https://uk.mylivia.com/

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