We tried the F45 challenge & here’s the verdict…

The F in F45 stands for functional training: a mix of circuit and hit-style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun.

What’s the F45 Challenge all about?

Implemented on a seasonal basis, F45’s 45-Day Challenge is tailored to suit any goal through targeted nutrition, expert guidance, tracking accountability and dynamic team training. The 45-Day Challenge package will include a complimentary six-week F45 membership at the studio of your choice, full access to the F45 Challenge app meal plans, recipes and resources and a personalised dashboard to track your progress. We will also be supplying exclusive F45 merchandise to keep you kitted out through the Challenge.

But what is it like?

As a part-time yoga class attendee and occasional speed walker, I am daunted by the idea of attending a class with the word ‘cardio’ in the blurb. I imagine myself surrounded by Olympic medalists whilst I pant and see stars over a treadmill and someone in a hoodie yells ‘encouragement’ at me. It’s fair to say that team hit workouts are not currently in my comfort zone (or knowledge base).

However, the minute I walk into the F45 Studio I am immediately put at ease. The instructors are warm, friendly and good-humoured, and though they are there to help you, they’re not pushy or judgemental. The vibe is fun and familiar without feeling inauthentic.

The workouts consist of teams (you are put into small groups of 2 or 3) who work their way around the circuit, doing exercises of around 45 seconds, with small breaks in between. Everyone is at different levels, and the fact that you’re running around and attempting new challenges every minute or so means that the ice soon breaks. About a third of the way through my first class, I was laughing and making jokes with the people around me.

There are classes that vary in difficulty and focus, with vibes varying throughout but the positive energy stays the same (I particularly liked the ones that focus on strength).

The F45 Challenge itself ups the ante, with an app that tracks your progress, provides taylor-made at-home workouts for when you can’t get to a studio, and nutritional advice (you can even order a meal plan). This is perfect for the time of year and especially perfect for a busy person who doesn’t want to cut corners in reaching their fitness goals.

Not only did I make it to the end of my first, second and third classes, but I feel a post-workout glow that does wonders for fighting away the January gloom.

I love a good yoga class, but a cardio workout at F45 is now something I’ll aim to incorporate into my small-but-valued fitness regime. I might even make some new friends on the way, and – for a busy Londoner – that’s quite something!

More info at www.f45challenge.com

Download the F45 Challenge app here www.f45challenge.com/get-the-app

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