Six-Week Shape-Up with BodyWorksWest: Week Two

So I’m two weeks in and already beginning to see results, I’ve lost inches from my waist and thighs, but when Jackie the nutritionist weighed me a few days ago I’d actually gained weight. I’m told this is a good thing – testament to the amount of lean muscle I’m laying down.

As muscle burns far more calories than fat, although it’s heavier, gaining lean muscle mass is the key to losing weight over the forthcoming weeks, even when resting.

I’ve stuck to Jackie’s nutrition advice almost 100 per cent, but have struggled to find three consecutive days to banish alcohol each week. Three days off in any given week would be fine, but it’s a matter of finding three days in a row where I have no dinners, events or parties where I’ll be tempted with cocktails. Having said that, I’ve totally cut out wine (my tipple of choice) and have stuck exclusively to vodka and soda.

Andre’s had me working incredibly hard, pushing me on the cross–trainer even when my heart rate reached a perilous 200BPM. The cardio is extremely tough, but I’ve realised that in order to see results, I’m going to have to see stars. We’ve mixed it up a little, with weighted squats, rowing, ab-crunches with balls, pull-ups and bicep stretches on TRX suspension cords, along with upper body weights on the floor. And the variation really helps when I’m aching from a previous day’s work out.

My clothes already fit better and my stomach’s more taut. I just have to motivate myself to work out twice a week without Andre. I ache so much on days off, the gym is the last place I want to be. But given six weeks isn’t long, I realise I’m going to have to push myself as hard as Andre, whether he’s with me or not.

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