Six-Week Shape-Up with BodyWorksWest: Week Three

So we’re into our third week and approaching the middle of the program. My good intentions are beginning to plateau and I’m dreading the gruelling sessions with Andre. This probably isn’t helped by the fact I’ve had flu for the last few days and the last thing I want to do is jog!

I’m still following a healthy diet – I just ate homemade spinach and asparagus soup with a floating poached egg – but I also ate Cadbury Mini Eggs. I think I may be oscillating around a more realistic benchmark – generally a lot healthier, but not fanatical. I’m just going to have to stop bloody hating the exercise if I want to continue to see results!

Since my boyfriend’s been back from an extended work trip I’ve definitely fallen back into some bad habits; notably man-size portions and starch in the evenings. I don’t even like starch (never have), but regular meals out make it hard to avoid breadbaskets, prawn crackers and ‘fries for the table’ when you’re hungry and waiting. Farewell lithe thighs, I’d rather liked the beginnings of a flat stomach.

Or, I could fortify my resolve and get my arse to the gym… It just doesn’t appeal when you’re in bed with flu. Here’s hoping my apathy will dissipate with my bug.

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