Q&A: Expert Commentary From Max Smith

question I used to be slim and very fit, but I became comfortable in a relationship and gained a few stone. My BMI is now 27. What’s the best way to ease myself back into exercise and lose the weight quickly?

answer Try not to focus too much on your BMI score, instead try to understand how much fat and muscle you are carrying compared with the rest of your body, this is called your body composition and will give you a truer understanding of the possible health implications of your current state. At Virgin Active Kensington we use a tool called the “Body Tracker”, a form of bio-electrical impedance technology that analyses your body composition determining how much fat and muscle you have around your bones and exactly where it is. This information gives us lots of clues as to why it’s there, with a good understanding of where you are it’s easier to determine the safest and most efficient route to where you want to be. If you can’t get in to see the team at Virgin Active Kensington ease yourself back in to training with some light full-body resistance training circuits, use light weights to begin with but perform exercises that involve lots of muscle groups like squats, rows and presses to maximise the benefit. As you become more proficient increase the resistance to ensure you keep adapting, progression is the key, if the body doesn’t need to continuously work harder it doesn’t need to get any stronger or fitter. Never underestimate the importance of quality nutrition to fuel your training sessions and allow you to work at a high enough intensity to challenge your muscles and burn fat.

Max Smith is a personal trainer at Virgin Active Kensington; www.virginactive.co.uk

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